I have came across quite many 365 projects and some are really impressive. There is one more in my favourite list now. Arielle Nadel is a teenage photographer, and she is trying to use her camera to tell stories of her little Danboard. Instead of just putting Danboard in front of a background and call it a shot, Arielle manages to present Danboard as a real person who has real emotion. Follow us and see if Arielle has more stories to tell about herself and the little guy!

Q1. Thank you first for taking up the interview. Could you first introduce yourself a bit to our readers?

My name is Arielle Nadel and I’m a teenage photographer. Currently I am working on my 365 project which is all about Danboard.

Q2. How did you come up with the idea of making the 365 Days of Danboard?

I was inspired by other toy 365 series on Flickr and when I ordered my Danbo, I knew I wanted to do a project on it.

Q3. How do you manage to make your every picture of Danbo different and creative? Do you have a idea in your head of what to do next or just let it be and make use of whatever you come across?

For my Danbo pictures, I try to make Danbo look alive. I try to avoid just putting Danbo with an object and call it a picture. I always want to bring emotion and character to my pictures. Occasionally I have an idea in my mind, but mostly I just make use of what I have.

Q4. What do you think is the hardest part in the whole process? And the most interesting part?

The hardest part is getting Danbo in the right position and make my photos look like I caught Danbo in action. The most interesting part is working with one expression. I love the challenge of having this simple blank face and I know it can be transformed into something more.

Q5. What camera do you use? Great composition and nice use of light we can see in your shots. Do you have any tips for our readers on photography skills?

I use a Canon Rebel XSi. Always be happy with your photograph. Never base it on the viewer and be proud that you took that photo.

Q6. Do you have any other future project plan want to share with our reader?

I’m thinking of doing another 365 series of self portraits a month or two after my Danbo series. I’m not in front of the camera a lot and I want to do something new for myself. For now it’s just an idea and I know my thought on it will change in the future.