Lara Croft is a big star from the popular Tomb Raider video game series published by Eidos Interactive. Besides in video games, she is also appearing in comic books, novels and some animated short films. Lara was also recognised as the “most successful human video game heroine”. In a word, Lara is a big shot.

Lara has always been popular and famous, for her turquoise sleeveless shirt, light brown shorts, calf-high boots and fingerless gloves. She became even more famous after the character was played by Angelina Jolie in the two featured films, this time for her lips. The following are some illustrations featuring Lara. Let’s see what this smokey hot lady is like in the artists’ eyes. Check it out!

Design by Nebezial (Left), Sabtastic (Right)

Design by Nebezial

Design by AdamHughes

Design by Tholia (Left), Lovechin88 (Right)

Design by Wildlifehoodoo (Left), Dave Webb (Right)

Design by J.Augusto CANO (Left), Scott (Right)

Design by Tholia

Design by The Mystic

Design by Stealth (Left), Sean (Right)

Design by Tiphaine (Left), David Grier (Right)

Design by Andrea (Left), David (Right)

Design by Joe Jusko

Design by JuanMA (Left), Hinoraito (Right)

Design by Daniel Seabra (Left), Tifachan (Right)

Design by Tiphaine

Design by Alexei Samokhin (Left), Vinnie Tartamella (Right)

Design by Motorfish (Left), Mark Anthony Taduran (Right)

Design by Vagabondarts (Left), Max (Right)

Design by Ostercy (Left), Thrivis (Right)

Design by Victoria (Left), Marchhare (Right)

Design by Corey

Design by Cuson