Stanly Dan (A.K.A. Daniel Mead) is such a big fan of comics and science fiction movies that he designed numerous comic and movie characters mixing with his individual ideas. The new images are with wedgy bodies and short limbs. Course their characteristic are expressed vividly so we can easily pick out. We have collected some of his pieces below. I’m sure you are willing to see the heroes or the devils in a mini and cute way.


Captain AmericaThorDeadpoolIron ManThe Incredible HulkPunisherSpidermanVenomDaredevilSilver SurferElectroCableBlack CatGreen GoblinDoc OcDr DoomThe VisionHavok


Batman Dark KnightWonder WomanFlashGreen LanternSupermanRobinAtomCaptain MarvelCat WomanHarley QuinnJokerThe PenguinMr FreezeLoboHawk ManGreen ArrowRiddlerAquaman

Star War

SW Han SoloSW Princess Leia OrganaSW StormtrooperSW Darth MaulSW ChewbaccaSW Bib Fortuna


WolverineCyclopsGambitBeastRogueJean GreyIcemanColossusMagnetoSunfireJuggernautSabretoothMr SinisterArchangel


Mickey MouseDonald DuckMike WazowskiJames P SullivanAladdinGenieMr IncredibleTarzanDisney's Robin HoodPeter Pan

Video Game & Movies

KratosMaster ChiefFreddy KrugerJason VoorheesJack SparrowBeatrix Kiddo The BridJFirst Officer SpockEdward Scissor Hand


Ronald McDonaldHamburglarHellboyHe ManG Force MikeSpawnDonatelloLoenardoMichelangeloRaphael


DukeFlintShipwreckLady JayeSnake Eyes CommandoStorm ShadowCobra Commander HoodedSerpentorBaronessScarlettDr MindbenderRoadblock

Fantastic Four

Mister FantasticInvisible WomanHuman TorchThing


The ComedianNite OwlRorschachDr ManhattanThe Comedian Old SchoolHooded Justice