The Zurich based architect and designer Rafael Schmidt submitted a new Bike Sharing System to a competition organized within last year’s International Climate Conference in Copenhagen. Quite different from a transporting system, RAFAA’s new design will contribute not only to the stocks and flows of people, but also to its user and to the city itself.

The bike is equipped with a supporting electric motor and a 26V lithium battery to make it suitable for short and long distances up to 15km. The lightweight aluminum frame is made of one piece, thus enabling an easy wiring inside. Most of the components are integrated into the frame or the wheel to prevent theft and damage. Course other safety precautions are necessary. The bike has a computer including a display with integrated GPS and WLAN. The GPS can records when the bike is taken outside of the city limits; if necessary, it can lock the bike by way of the electric drive. A registration respectively a credit or Maestro card is required to release the bike from the station. The card will only be charged in case of theft or damage.

People in Copenhagen will be easy to find such a bike because there are stations everywhere in the center of the city. To use a bike, you have to register in the internet or insert a credit or Maestro card into the bike’s handle bar and log in. The first 30 minutes are free; after that, 5 DKK per 30 minutes will be charged.