Web Icons are used to improve web design and make it easier for visitors to use websites. They also improve the overall look. Many can also be downloaded for free so don’t worry about paying for them if you need them yourself, this is one of the benefits which makes them attractive for webmasters.

We have collected 30 Best Free Web Icons for All Kind of Projects. You can find project icons, web design icons, mobile icons, social media icons, blogging icons, geature icons, web browsers icons, web application icons, weather icons, toolbar icons, wireframe icons, RSS feed icons, mini icons, flag icons, e-commerce icons and payment icons. Please feel free to suggest some other useful web icons you have found. Enjoy!

1. Project Icons

2. Function Project Icons

3. Tango Project Icons

4. PixeloPhilia Web Design Icons

5. WooFunction Web Design Icons

6. Web Design Icons

7. Mobile Icons

8. Social Buzz Icons

9. Social Media Icons

10. Vector Social Media Icons

11. Blogging Icons

12. Gestural Icons

13. Web Browsers Icons

14. Web Application Icons

15. Stardock Weather Icons

16. Iconbest Weather Iconset

17. Developpers Toolbar Icons

18. Danish Toolbar Icons

19. Gentleface Wireframe Icons

20. Glyphish Wireframe Icons

21. Default Wireframe Icons

22. RSS Feed Icons

23. Fugue Mini Icons

24. FamFamFam Mini Icons

25. Icondrawer Flag Icons

26. FamFamFam Flag Icons

27. Flag Button Devkit

28. E-Commerce Icons

29. TWD Payment Icons

30. Payment Icons