Alex Noriega is an almost 30 years old fella from Barcelona. He was born and raised there, but he is currently living in Maputo, Mozambique, where he spends his days drawing, reading and drawing even more.

At some point in 2010 he was going through a crisis due to some issues at work, so he decided to start a blog called “Stuff No One Told Me” as a way of trying to find what he was doing wrong. He wanted to put on paper all that he had learned in his life as simple as possible and try to see if what was happening around him made sense.

Now, he is actually working on a graphic novel about what happened in that weird crisis. It’s going to be called “Anosmic”. Take a look at the following 20 fun and meaningful comics he has done in the past!

Your salary doesn’t determine how good of a person you are

Things that are hard to say are usually the most cmportant

Hide nothing and you’ll have nothing to hide

you are still weak if you are good at one thing only

Women are as horny as men, they just hide their boners better

Find someone with whom you can laugh about everything and the rest will be fine

No one will grant your wishes, you better make them happen

Save some time to be lazy, it’s good for you

Slow is the new fast and awesome too

Big companies will suck your blood and your soul… Try to avoid them

Thinking too much about a problem won’t make it necessarily easier to solve

“Hello” is the most powerful word against loneliness

You can’t get rid of your fears… But you can learn to live with them

Guilt is a useless emotion

People who always say the truth no matter how hurtful it is are jerks

Challenge yourself a little bit everyday

Your worst suspicions are true… Everyone else but you is getting laid right now

Fun is a relative concept

It’s ok to change your mind about people and things in your life… Just try to make sense

Always be yourself, unless you are an arrogant bastard