Photoshop has the ability to read and write raster and vector image formats. Photoshop has ties with other Adobe software for media editing, animation, and authoring.

Photoshop’s primary strength is as a pixel-based image editor, unlike vector-based image editors. However, Photoshop also enables the creation, incorporation, and manipulation of vector graphics through its Paths, Pen tools, Shape tools, Shape Layers, Type tools, Import command, and Smart object functions.

There are thousands of thousands of Photoshop tutorials created by talented designers around the world every year. Here we have collected the most impressive and most useful Photoshop Tutorials of 2011. I am sure you guys will find them useful too.

Create a Super Running Motion Scene

It is difficult to present motion scenes in a picture because it is not like movie. Therefore, it needs to create some other lighting to be added behind the motion. This tutorial will present you to add some colors and lighting to form a running motion.

Create a Fantastic Batman Symbol in Sky

If you are batman fans, you will be interested in this tutorial. You may find it easy to create the batman symbol straight forward, but not using the surrounding buildings to form the batman symbol. Here will show you the techniques.

Design a Fabulous Science Fiction Movie Poster

You may always find that most of the movie posters are very awesome. Lots of movies production company would hire the best designer to produce some nice movie posters to advertise their movies. You can pick up some advance skills after following this movie poster tutorial.

Design a Great Geometric Lighting Effect

Whatever design needs to have nice lighting effect to apply with, then the object background can be specified and focused. Geometric lighting effect could be applied to some scientific object. This tutorial will show you how to shape the light as a triangle.

Painting an Excellent Cartoon Pig

Most of you may find very difficult to draft and paint a cartoon object. A nice painting usually takes a very long while to complete. With some photoshop techniques, you can process your arts to be faster and nicer.

Create a Nice Poster Effect for an Image

You may want to use your image to create posters. To create a fantastic one, you really need to have a reference to different professional posters. Here will show you how to pick a relevant objects plus using photoshop settings to adjust the color and lighting.

Design a Dramatic Captain America Symbol

Captain America has been turned into movie. It is a famous cartoon to most of you. The most representative symbol of this cartoon is the shield of the captain. Here will show you how to develop for this.

Turning your Image into a 3D Cartoon Character

If you want to turn your image into a cartoon character, you can use your image for the transformation. No need to ask someone to draw it out for you. Using basic Photoshop techniques, you can change the color of your image into cartoon style.

Amazing Water & Light Splash Effect in PhotoShop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create an abstract splash composition in Photoshop.

Create a Great War Scenery

A great war scene is not necessary to be captured with real explosions and machinery. These effects can be done by combining other sceneries together to form your imaginative scene.

Amazing Scenery Creation – Ironing the Giraffe’s Skin

How to create a funny scene? even you are not a design expert, you can make one for yourself easily. You can use simple photo manipulation skills to take off the giraffe’s skin for ironing like the human.

Create a Fabulous Word Art

To a successful art work, the word art is an important element. Therefore, many designers are working on the design for the word art. Different design and combination could yield different nice results. Here is a nice one for your reference.

Create a Super Fire Effect for a Car

To add a motion to a object, it is necessary to add some other elements. To present a car to be on running, you can add some fire to emphasize the speed like this tutorial.

Create a Nicely Colorful Lighting Effect

It is always nice to add some colorful lighting effects for an image. The photo effect can be adjusted to match with the image’s pose such as adding lighting to your finger, then the whole image can be entirely improved.

Mac Style Lock Icon Design Photoshop Tutorial

Hello to you all, we hope this following tutorial can be helpful in creating a good Icon design using Adobe Photoshop. The version I’m working with here is CS3. If you follow the following steps you will definitely find your self with the final result.

Create a Fabulous Planet Surface

Sometimes, you may need to create a planet or moon as a background of your design. Except using images from internet, you can design one easily using some kinds of texture plus a little bit of color and lighting adjustment.

Create a Fabulously Traditional Text Effect

Different background or topic would need different styles of text effect to be applied to. There are some standard text effects on the market, somehow, professional designers always design their tailor-made text effect.

Dramatic Portrait under an Universe Background

There are various ways to present your portrait. To stand out it, you may spend sometimes to beautify it and choose a special way to present.

Design a Fancy Book Writing Icon

Design icons are getting popular due to extremely high demanding in the internet market. Everyone is looking for high quality of icons for user interface. Here this tutorial will give you some hints on designing a “writing on a book icon”.

Drawing a Hairy Monkey

Drawing an animal is not a easy task. From drafting to painting, it needs a lot of imagination and try and error steps. Some kinds of techniques are always the drivers to increase your speed to accomplish this artwork and result to have higher quality of product.

Create a Fantastic Alien Fighting Scenery

How to turn a human into alien? the easy way to do may be using picture combination method. Prepare a draft of your alien, and then cut and paste a human skin from a picture to formula your alien. Using coloring and lighting effect to make it look like a single scene.

How to Create Product Labels in Photoshop

In this tutorial, it will show you how to create a “Product Labels” in Photoshop. And this demonstrates you how to create a green tea label with a ninja character in background. Of course, you can use the same idea to present your products with different character. And our example is as shown in the thumbnail.

Create a Fantastic Meteor Flying Scene

Simple photo effect can create variety of excellent sceneries. With a few explosion and human images, you can create a nice meteor flying scene and to increase the attractiveness of the picture. A father and son can be arranged as audiences.

Painting a Fabulous Lady Portrait

It is not easy to paint a human portrait. It requires a lot of techniques to add the shadow and lighting effects. Therefore, it is good to refer to more tutorials for the brushes settings and different techniques.

Create a Fantastic War Scenery in Sky

To create a war scenery, you have to be familiar with the technique to apply explosion and fire effects for the prepared military equipment to create such a nice war scene.

Create a Funny Milky Monster

As long as you have a fantastic idea, you can turn even a glass of water or milk into a funny and interesting scenery. This is a good example to show you how to put eyes and mouth on some milk to form a funny face.

Adding a Colorfully Streamlined Effect for a Car

When you present some motions, it needs to have a special way to present it. Here, this will give you an example to present a car on high speed using some coloring and lighting effects.

Create a Great War Scene Behind a Superheroine

To turn someone to be a super heroine, you can create a great war as a background to form a fantastic scene. The war scene is better to have some building to be destroyed and smoke in behind.

Create an Imaginative Fishing Monster Scenery

If you are a fishing lover, you may imagine that you can fish something special. To create a funny scene, a special object to be fished out which can be a monster like this sample.

Create an Universal Lighting Effect

The most beautiful lighting effect would be the light from universe, which contains various and colorful mixed characters. To design this, it is required different techniques to design with.

Create a Shiny 3D Snooker Ball in Photoshop

In this tutorial, it will demonstrate you how to create a realistic 3D snooker ball. It is not difficult to make. Hope you will find it interesting. To create a 3D design, the shadow & reflection are always the most important elements to think of. Once you get familiar, your design will become awesome.

Create a Sophisticated Art Text

Sometimes, to create excellent art text, you may need to use several art software apart from using photoshop. This sophisticated art text has been created using idea of high technology which can be applied to model cartoon or new technology product.

Design a High Quality Abstract Artworks

Nice artwork frameworks are not limited in real objects. Sometimes, some professional designers would use different art patterns or coloring to form nice artworks.

Design an Imaginative Face Opening Scene

It is not easy to implement a great imaginative idea such as opening a face. To create this, lots of skills are required. As started, preparation of required images, then using manipulation skills to combine them and muse them together.

Frog Preying Insect under Water

If you are a Natural science lover, you may want to capture some species motion. To add a little bit of imagination, you can turn something funny and amazing.

Design a Stylish Effect for a Dancing Lady

There are thousand ways to beautify a lady image. To stand out the pose or motion of an image, you can apply some kind of lighting effects on the moving parts. The readers can understand the motions of image through this image.

Drawing a High Quality Beautiful Lady Portrait

To lots of painters, it is always encountered difficulties to draw a really high quality portrait. There are lots of a try and error works to do, as it needs to have color adjustments for the shadow and color. Learning some painting techniques are essentially required.

Forming a Dramatic Natural Preying Scene

You may watch lots of preying scene in geographic programme but simple natural preying scenes are difficult to capture. It usually happen in few seconds and disappear. Using photo combination effects, you can mix few photos together and form a nice preying photo.

Generate a Fantastic War Scenery

How to design a proper war scenery? explosion, soldiers or bomb would be common elements to be used. Great and realistic explosion would be the key element when you carry out the combination of different pictures for your war scene.

Glossy Text Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create shiny text using some simple and interesting Photoshop techniques.

Impressive Abstract Image Creation

To create an impressive image, you need to initiate with a nice idea. With this, you can twist a normal image into something extraordinary. This tutorial has trimmed out the image piece by piece to form this nice result.

How to Create a Replacement iTunes 10 Icon

In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to create a replacement Itunes 10 icon that you will be able to use. I was not really a fan of the original Itunes 10 icon that they came up with, so I set out to create my own. We will work through techniques using smart objects, filters, paths and more. If you want to improve your path tool skills and layer styles then this tutorial is for you.

Painting a Super Battleplane in Sky

You can paint whatever object using realistic background. It really depends on your painting skill. Here is a good example to show you to paint a battle plane in sky.

Pure an Energetic Photomanipulation

This is a tutorial for advanced/experienced users. The effects are complex and therefor I can’t go into detail on every single keystroke you have to make. Very well, let’s get started then!

Transform a Nice Lady into a Beautiful Angel Art

Sometimes, you may want to transform your image into something different. You can use different objects to stick your image to form a different scene such as adding wings on the back, changing the look or arrange a special background for your image.

Dramatic Meteorite Collision to High Building

In lots of science fiction movie or story, they would usually use meteorite collision to the earth as a good topic. Some of you may be very interested in creating this scenery using photoshop techniques.

Digital Camera Icon in Photoshop

Most of the digital cameras are designed to be small and portable. We will teach you how to create a digital camera icon in Photoshop. You can follow the steps and check out the layer styles.

How to Create an Eye Catching Digital Illustration

When you are not confident to your photo, the best way to improve is to add some Photoshop effects on your photos. This eye catching digital illustration tutorial will teach you how to add on various on your photo such as adding the light beam and color improvement.

Using Ink Effect to Form a Fantastic Painting

Any picture can be a good source to form a beautiful artwork, as long as you choose a right effect to apply to. This tutorial will show you how to transform a picture into a nice ink painting.

Drawing a Realistic Dark Spiderman Character

It is not easy to draw a Marvel character. To do this, it needs a lot of effort and high techniques to do. Here will show you how to turn out a great drawing from a simple draft. This painting skills are also applicable to paint human portraits.