Draw Something is a mobile app developed by Omgpop. It was one of the Mobile apps which won the Flurry App Spotlight Awards in 2012. In the first five weeks after its launching, the game was downloaded 20 million times. Fifty days after its release, it had been downloaded 50 million times. Recently, both Draw Something and Omgpop were bought by the game giant Zynga for $180 million.

Two players alternate turns between drawing a picture for the other to guess. Some drawings are extremely creative in many ways. The game is very fun especially when you are playing with your friends with a sense of humor and good drawing skill. Here we have selected the following 30 Most Ridiculous Doodles on Drawing Something.

I know I put my Megazord around here somewhere…

Megaman has this easy. Large energy ball AND a 1-up? Day at the beach … The sandy, sandy beach …

Love(bug) conquers all.

Leave it to Russel to always be prepared with a compass.

Hey chain chomp! Make like a tree and leave!

This takes sibling rivalry to a whole other level.

I think I’m tapped out on Star Wars clues. I could start a tumblr for just my Star Wars Draw Somethings …

I like how Donkey Kong is professional enough to wear a tie despite having a job of primarily manual labor

One small step for toys … One giant leap for toykind… Just glad I didn’t step on that tootsie roll.

Who needs a surgeon when you got Dr. Mario?

This is what I would be doing today except with my iPad in a ziplock bag playing draw something

In 1982 E.T. phoned home using a speak and spell. If they remade the movie in 2012, E.T. would phone home using an iPhone from Starbucks.

Why so serious (about Draw Something)?
Not my typical clue. Not one that I particularly like to be honest but oh well.


You’re the best around, nothing’s gonna ever keep you down … Except a draw something addiction or a sweep to the leg

Visine gets the red out … For cyclops

Pouring syrup is some serious business

It’s supposed to rain this weekend …

A waterbed leak … Under water … Something doesn’t add up and that’s not just the smurf swimming there…

If the weather is nice this week, I might get #sunburn

It’s not easy being green… Unless you’re the green lantern.


Being a rat sized chef is a precarious job … One misstep and there’s a new secret ingredient in the soup …

Autobots transform and roll out! But watch out …

Two secrets of the Marvel universe. 1) the arc reactor is really a powerful bug zapper 2) My Spidey sense is tingling will have a whole new meaning in this drawing

Even Wolverine relaxes with manicures once in a while… It’s manly to be able to get one

I have no idea what it is, but it taste like chicken”

Magneto always gets his papers at the top of the fridge.

One of my favorite video game endings of all time. Except mixing up birdo and ostro.

Avengers assemble!!! … For poker night …