We love to see cute, funny, awesome animals, and they can’t be ignored in the world of advertising. Advertisers frequently use animals in ads. There are animals like cats, dogs, owls, monkeys, elephants. Many animals are often perceived as cute, cuddly and friendly.

In this article, we have rounded up some of the most creative advertisements with cuddly animals from Creative Ad Awards. It is such a joy to see some of them, being displayed with a tint of humor, while others are metaphorically presented to snap us out of our misery. Nevertheless, these are very creative and I appreciate the designers who created such amazing ads.

Heaven Of Pug

Wannabe Owl

Dog Toast

Cross Legged Cats

Makes Your Barbecue Deliciously Hot

Leopard is Waiting for You

Discover Africa’s Spiciest Secret

Save Your Body

Puppy Chow

The Deer

Valentines Day

100% Pure Lambswool

Annoyed Forester

The Leach With Liberties

The Lamb

The Cheetah

Cross Legged Cats

Nothing We will Ever Bring Them Back

Happy Easter Eggs

Sleeping Hippo

Reveal Your Dark Side

Worship of Biscuit

Bad Luck Never Misses

Make Everyone Enjoy Vegetarian Food

Elephant Art

Biodiversity And Biosafety Awareness

Did You Mean Battleship

Costume Tiger

Save Your Body

Penguin Dog

Plasticine Stephens 1 Kg

Sticks Everything Safely

Get Closer

Working Cow

Steady Shot

Makes Your Horses Purr

Cool Home

Viewing Echidna

Free Your Doga

Valentines Day