Common web application icons are everywhere in the internet. Since multi-touch device / mobile application development are getting popular, the general icons cannot fulfill all your needs such as design a professional tour guide for your mobile apps.

Gesture icons are created to aid in the design, development, implementation and promotion of multi-touch interfaces. It is based on common touchscreen interactions such as Tap, Double Tap, Drag, Slide, Hold/Pres, Swipe, Rotate, Press and Drag, Pinch, Spread.

Using Gesture icons is a wise way to guide your users through your applications. With the help of a nice set of gesture icons, you can design a professional tour guide for your applications easily. However, it is difficult to look for a high quality set of gesture icons on the internet. To save your time, The Design Inspiration has collected 8 sets of wonderful gesture icons around the internet.

Touch Gesture Icons

Touch Gesture Icons includes 30 most popular gesture icons for multi-touch devices. This icon set contains five different sizes such as 48px, 64px, 128px, 256px and 512px in PSD and EPS vector files. You can use the royalty-free icons for any personal, commercial projects.

Gesture Reference Guide

The Touch Gesture Reference Guide is a unique set of resources for software designers and developers working on touch-based user interfaces.


Vector based icons created to aid in the design, development, implementation and promotion of multi-touch interfaces.

IxD Gestures

Download this set of gesture icons for interaction design. It includes icons for touchscreen interaction, free gestures and mobile phone gestures.


Cue is intended to be a foundational set of icons to build a standard visual language of touch-based interactions. Each gesture is distilled to its core action to exhibit a more figurative, iconic aesthetic.

Open Source Gesture Library

GestureWorks® comes complete with an Open Source Gesture Library that includes definitions for scores of pre-built gestures and possibilities for virtually any number of gestures. The number of pre-built gestures and the extensible GestureML make it easy to “future proof” your application.

Multi-Touch Gesture Icons

A set of gesture icons designed for training page. Each file is 300x350px at 150dpi. You will also see that there’s a second solid colour set too, again totally free.


An icon language to describe natural user interface gestures.