If you had enough with the old, regular, and conventional cutting boards, we have here an interesting collection of modern cutting boards designed to make food preparation more efficient and enjoyable.

Here is a variety of cutting board designs that can suit your specific style or personality. When it comes to cooking good food, the equipment you use can often make a big difference. One overlooked piece of equipment, the cutting board, can actually be found in a variety of unique and creative designs.

Splash Red Chopping Board

Ergonomic Chopp-ing

Chopping Board Gadget

The OCD Chef Cutting Board

Cutting Scale concept

Bamboo Appetito

Index Chopping Board

Easy Cut Bread Board

Nonslip Over-the-Sink Cutting Board

Soiree – Cutting Board With A Cheese Wire And Stainless Steel Cheese Tools


Cut It Sharp

Ouch! – The Voodoo Cutting Board

Mocubo Modular Chopping Board

Happy Chopper

Collapsible Bin & Cutting Board

Storage Cutting Board

Space Saving Cutting Board

Colour Coded Chopping Board

Rinse & Chop Cutting Board