The Minions are small, yellow, cylindrical, creatures who have one or two eyes. They are impulsive creatures with little self-control, but with a wide-eyed wonder and odd innocence that endears them to viewers and makes them relatable. They can be pesky when they are doing weird interactions with other people, animals, or objects.

Unlike most other criminal masterminds and their usual doctrine of abusing their henchmen, Gru gets along famously with his minions. He genuinely seems to like them and even shows appreciation for their hard work and support. He even seems to know each of them by name. Here we have selected the following 25 Unusual Despicable Me Minions Artworks.

Despicable Me: Minion’s Creed by Logan Olsen

Minion Harry Potter and the Chamber of Bananas Art by Alexander Levett

Minion by Thuyet Nguyen

Minion Hitman by Boris Fomin

Minions Banana 2 peice card by Rodney Fyke

Despicable me : Minions by Sa-Dui

Despicable Me II by Xhorxhina

BTT-Minions by Hungary

Minions by South Korea

Minion by Thuyet Nguyen

Minions by Eilyn Chan

Minion Lightyear by Oscar Trejo

Minions by Dino Tomic

Minion by Andrew F. Smith

Minions (Steve and Dave) by Marcela Moraru


Bang the last fartingbender by Alex Negrea

DM: Minion MADNESS by Elena114

Due by Tutti


Despicable me! by Ivan Camelo

Art Minion by Aurthur Mercader

Despicable Me by FandY

Despicable You by Dai sy Chan

Star Trek Into Minion by Mushstone