One of the highlights of the Architectural Digest Show is always the lighting exhibition. Over 40 brands typically demonstrate their amazing new offerings. These hot new light fixtures are sure to stimulate your imagination. Whether you are looking to jazz up your personal living space, remodel your office or plan an interior for a new client, these lights will electrify you.

Lighting is more than just making sure you can see what you’re doing. It has become an art form unto itself, providing new ways to express your style while setting the mood. An explosion of new technologies is leading to exciting growth in lighting design.

Here are lights that make a major impact.


Studio Endo’s HIRA is a stunning LED copper pendant that was inspired by Japanese Taiko drums. The interior is sealed by a matte clear coat, allowing it to radiate light. The exterior is finished with graphite and available in many different colors and textures.

Bower C Light

Brass remains hot right now, and in Bower’s C Light Collection it combines with white glass globes for an elegant lighting choice. These stems are adjustable, meaning they can fit almost anywhere in the room. They are powered by E12 40-watt incandescent lamp bulbs.

Langhorne II

Luke Lamp Co.’s Langhorne Collection blurs the difference between rope work and art, creating a swooping glow in any room. The Langhorne is not just a fixture, it’s a work of art.

Big Ass Fans’ Haiku Designer Series

Kentucky company Big Ass Fans integrates deceptively-simple looking lamps and fans with modern technology. This simple fixture is actually incredibly flexible, allowing people to adjust the color temperature from 2,200 k to 5,000k. Like other Big Ass products, it comes equipped with sensors to make it turn off or on when someone enters the room. It also will turn off when you leave.

Theta Pendant Light

Ori Goldberg is a designer at Hubbardton Forge with a background in jewelry design. His history is evident in this piece, which is inspired by a bracelet. It provides light via a 48-watt LED light guide and it is made from textured steel and polished aluminum.

Tracy Glover’s Teardrop Chandelier

Chandelier design has been incredibly hot lately and this chandelier exemplifies the reasons why: the glass is shaped like a teardrop, and it suspends beautifully from a single ceiling canopy. The glass can be clear or patterned or colored, according to your preference. The fixture uses 2-watt LED Edison bulbs.


Another exciting choice from Studio Endo, ORBIS is inspired by Saturn’s orbital rings and hexagonal cloud patterns. This large fixture is suspended in space, embodying celestial movement. The light is made from three hexagon rings, each one suspended vertically from one point.