Graphic design is a great skill to have, but if you want to add digital painting t your skill list for the new year, then don’t overlook all of the free digital painting resources online. There are plenty of websites and video sessions that will help you learn nearly everything you need to know for free. You only need a reliable internet connection, a few spare hours, and a zest for learning to grasp the ins and outs of digital painting.


Designer Matt Kohr has released a series of free 5-minute videos covering various aspects of digital painting. Kohr attended the Savannah College of Art and Design, and wants everyone to have a way to get the basics of digital painting down. His website is completely free, and is run with a pay-what-you-want model, meaning you can support it by buying from his store. There are over 200 vides for the perusing. Topics include What is Digital Painting, Drawing, Layers, and more. You can download a set of his free brushes from Ctrl+Paint as well.

Scott Robertson

Lecturer and author for Design Studio Press Scott Robertson has made a YouTube channel where viewers can see tutorials, techniques, demos, sketch videos and more. Some videos are over 30 minutes, and it’s a great place to see a hands-on digital art skill demonstrated, especially for free.

Aaron Rutten

Aaron Rutten is another designer and artist who has put their skills out there for the world to see. Rutten is a master Corel Painter, and has vides frm 2013 to 2016, with topics like painting animals, faces, 3D modeling and sculpting, and more.


On Youtube you can find FZDSchool a slick collection of design skill video demonstrations with landscape painting, creatures, and other relevant topics. You’re able to watch as the artist works on the screen, making it easy to follow along if you want.


Krita is a graphic design software that’s available completely free. The makers have compiled a set of informative dcs for learning skills in a range of basic to advanced. Also included is a collection of documents for simple art concepts that every artist needs to know.


Skillshare is an line resource for free and paid classes in a variety of topics. Even though the paid section is more robust, there’s plenty to browse in the free section as well. There’s Photoshop Essential in an Hur, Digital Illustration Basics: Painterly, tutorials and other great topics. You can als look at the various free videos for graphic design, traditional art and others.


Like Skillshare, Udemy is full of paid classes, but you can actually find some good freebies as well. Consider a free course about the building blocks of basic art and painting your first digital painting, beginners’ Krita, or Photoshop fundamentals.

This is just a list of free digital painting resources; there are plenty of paid courses on Skillshare, Udemy and other websites. If you’re serious about learning digital painting, then try a few courses and see what you think, then you can make the jump into in-depth learning.