We’ve covered a lot of great fonts here at The Design Inspiration, but with so many amazing designers out there releasing great fonts, it’s easy to miss a font or two. We’e gathered a nice selection of bold and brush style fonts that are free for personal use or under $100 for commercial use.


Designed by Peter Acanski, BlowBrush is a handwritten marker style font that adds bold personality to your projects. The lines and edges are done naturally to give the effect you handlettered the text, and the font features upper characters, special characters and variations.

Download it on Behance


Inspired by a day when Koen van der Bliek was out sick, Sickboy is a free marker style font with a nice slight. It would look great on band posters, flyers, and website headers, though the possilbities are endless.

Download it on Behance

Sweet & Salty

Sweet and Salty by Josh O. is a mid-century inspired font ideal for product packaging, posters, headlines and other creative projects where you need to grab attention. It’s a “quirky sans serif type with a bouncy baseline,” in the words of the designer. Although not free, Sweet & Salty is available for under $15  on Creative Market.

Download it at Creative Market


Handsief is a handsome vintage sans serif font that comes in two typefaces from PixelSurplus and Kautsar Rahadi. It’s a great font with interesting visual appeal thanks to its varying textures.

Download it at PixelSurplus

Marvin Visions

This free font’s for you, science fiction paperback fans. Marvin Visions a new intepretation of a classic font known as “Marvin,” a typeface originally designed by Michael Chave in 1969. The font was revived by Mathieu Triay for the identity of Visions, a new science fiction magazine with classic sci-fi texts and new writing. Marvin Visions is free for personal use, and is commercial use for $25.

Download it at Visions

Inter UI

Rasmus Andersson created Inter UI, a free font family, to improve readability on computer screens. The set comes in 4 weights, including regular, medium, bold and black, plus is available in italic. Inter UI was designed to increase sharpness and readability with its use, and is available for multiple uses.

Download it at RSMS


Måns Grebäck’s Finition is a youthful calligraphy font that supports a wide range of languages, and adds a flair to everything it graces. The font is free for personal use or you can opt to purchase a commercial license. One of the best elements of Finition is that you can underline the text by using an underscore, or __.

Download it at Måns Grebäck

Riverside Avenue

With its chic California style, Riverside Avenue injects personality into any branding or design. The font was created by Mats Peter-Forss.

Download it at Behance