Mattress buying process is always accompanied by a mental tug-of-war. People are making so many mistakes during this process and this has motivated me to write about the common mistakes customers are making when purchasing new mattresses. As a bonus, I will tell you how to avoid them entirely. So welcome let’s learn together;


  • Overreliance on Amazon ratings


Amazon is an awesome website as it provides a marketplace for competing mattress brands. As you may have noted each product comes with a very detailed description, specifications, pictures, FAQ’s, above all customer reviews, and star rating. The truth is that most of the reviews can be misleading or outright lies to lure you into buying the product.

How to avoid it: it is simple just do not put so much trust in Amazon reviews particularly the best and poor ratings (5-stars and 1-stars). Quite often, 5-star reviews are done by people who received the product for free as a gift in exchange for a very positive review.

In contrast, the 1-star reviews are more likely to have come from competitors seeking to reduce competition. Best reviews are those with 4 stars.

Returning unwanted mattress way too soon

This may seem like a smart decision when the mattress you expected to revolutionize your sleep turns out being uncomfortable. But one thing for sure is that our bodies take time to adapt to a new sleeping surface and this is not possible over one night or week. For instance, if you suffer back pains, buying a new mattress will not ease your back issues overnight.

How to avoid it: give it a couple of weeks of regularly using the mattress so that your body can adapt to the new sleeping surface. Therefore, you need to try the mattress for around 1-3 weeks.

By the third week, you’ll have noticed whether it has started feeling more comfortable than before or it still feels the same. From there you can decide to return it.


  • based on others experiences


Generally, it is good to listen to the opinions of other sleepers who have previously used the mattress. however, it is wrong to base your purchase based on what others feel about the mattress.

Don’t forget that everyone has different preferences when it comes to mattresses and the best mattress should fulfill these needs. So the fact that a mattress is perfect for your friend does not mean it will be perfect for you.

How to avoid it: Know what your body needs are and purchase a mattress that is designed specifically for your needs. Also, try to stay away from the specific recommendations and instead focus on experiences with a particular company they worked with.


  • Buying an overly firm mattress


You’ve heard the advice a million times that a firm mattress is better. Actually, I have seen many people convince themselves they want a firm mattress because they think it is better for them. And you know what? It would be better for them to go by what their body demanded even if it felt a little softer.

Make no mistake about it because buying yourself a mattress that is too firm will cause you painful pressure points around the hips and shoulders because it’s not conforming properly to your curves. This denies you a restful sleep.

How to avoid it: always listen to what your body advice you. Do not settle for anything short of what your body feels comfortable with.


  • Buying solely on price


It is true a mattress is an important investment and there is nothing wrong with figuring how much you’re willing to spend on it. All the same, you don’t have to break your bank because a mattress is set for sale.

Nowadays, the price is not an equivalence of quality. of course, we’ve seen mattress selling above $2500 but lasting only 2-3 years.

How to avoid it: pay attention to the quality of materials used to make the mattress. This will help you gauge the possible price.


  • Buying without testing


You’ve heard it repeatedly again that, we spend a significant part of our lives in bed. So something that is being used regularly should not be purchased without trying different options to find one that fits your needs. Don’t forget the golden rule that says there is nothing like “one size fits all” in mattresses.

How to avoid it: spend at least 10-15 minutes on your top picks and compare them. This will give you an insight whether the mattress is going to be comfortable or not.


  • Trying out too many mattresses


Let me say this straight, that flopping from one mattress to another is a recipe for confusion. You will get confused, as everything will start to feel the same.

How to avoid it: narrow down your choices to 2 or 3 mattresses and then spend at least 10 minutes on each to get an idea of how comfortable each option feels.


That is not all but a few of the common mistakes people are making buying mattresses. In a nutshell, pay attention to our solution in each category to find a mattress that is right for you.