We live in the digital age, and that means we live online. As everyone knows, it’s fun to have avatars for our virtual reality counterparts. Thankfully, there are plenty of great avatar creators that help you make kickass avatars for both Android and iOS devices.

MomentCam (iOS)

MomentCam won App of the Year from Facebook in 2015. It’s easy to see why. MomentCam lets you make hilarious cartoons and emoticons from your own photos. It is highly customizable, so you can add glasses, clothes, hair, backgrounds and more to liven up your avatar game.


MSQRD is from Masquerade. The app provides live filters and face swap capability for video selfies. You can turn yourself into a lion, zombie or vampire and share the mask with your friends in real time.

Second Life (Windows)

Second Life is still going strong. The site was one of the first to recognize the potential of creating new versions of the self which could mix and mingle in a digital environment. Although it was expected to take the world by storm when it launched in 2003, other social media apps trampled it. Still, there are 600,000 people who regularly use the site. Second Life requires a full-body avatar and it lets you create a doppelganger that looks just like you – or if you prefer, one that doesn’t look like you at all.

Line Play (iOS|Android)

Line Play for Android and iOS is designed to help you make an avatar that truly resembles you. The fun includes adding accessories, clothes and many other decorations. All you need to do is snap a selfie and get going. The app also features all kinds of fun ways to interact with other people who use Line Play.

Zoobe (iOS|Android)

If you want an animated avatar that is able to walk and talk, you need Zoobe. The app lets you record your voice and then animates the avatar to look as if it’s speaking for you! Then you just pick an animation to make it extra special. The app integrates with your social media sites, so you can share it with everyone. Available for iOS and Android.

FaceRig (Windows)

Some people are addicted to live chat. If this describes you, then FaceRig is something you need. This app is for windows and it actually uses your webcam to make an avatar. This cool app uses facial recognition to make a map of your facial mannerisms and movements. This transforms your avatar so that it incorporates your real-life facial expressions. If you get FaceRig, you’ll never need to worry about someone misinterpreting your “tone” in live chat. The app also has tons of cool masks for you to choose – or you can design your own.

VEEMEE Avatar Creator (Android)

People who love RPG games should check out VEEMEE Avatar Creator. The app is simple to use – just pick a character and modify it to suit you. This means you can play dress-up, experiment with poses and go wild. This Android app also allows for animation.