In Florence, Italy there’s a 35-foot-tall sculpture called Appennino that was erected in the late 1500s by Italian sculpture Giambologna. This Giant ‘Colossus’ 16th-Century sculpture, looks magnificent from the outside, but we were amazed to find out that it’s actually a building, the coolest part is that there are little rooms hidden inside of it, complete with a couple benches and, well, not much else.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, though, we would totally live inside this huge sculpture of a mountain giant in Italy. A few lamps, maybe a nice rug or something…we could make it work.

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This epic colossus was erected in the late 1500s by renowned Italian sculptor Giambologna.

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The mountain god is 35 feet tall and stands in Florence, Italy.

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This model reveals the rooms inside of the colossus.

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Leading to the private quarters

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The Secret staircase

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