Site5 is working with Design Inspiration to offer this page where everyone can share their thoughts on web hosting, reviews of web hosts, nightmares, stories of great support, and more! So please jump on in the comments and make some recommendations!

Site5‘s web hosting is designed for web designers and developers. With our custom management software BackStage you can have multiple user’s each with access to specific sites, be a contact on your client’s site so access is just a click away, and a lot more! We offer a wide range of cPanel based
hosting that can scale all the way from a very small site to a very large dedicated server. We offer shared web hosting and shared cloud hosting, reseller hosting, Xen based VPS and Cloud VPS, and dedicated servers.

Plus we offer a 99.9% or 99.99% uptime guarantee and you can view the real time stats of all our servers, and the uptime history of any server.

Enjoy! And feel free to share stories and recommendations with the community!

An Horror Story Example:

I had problems with IPowxxxxx, their dbs kept going down and everytime I called they blamed my code for the problem. Well, then I heard about Surfxxxxx. They came recommended, I should have done more research. They time out a lot, the db is slow and often goes down, and sometimes it takes them a long time to get things running again.

Oh not to mention having to submit a support ticket each time I wanted to update my stats. They were down for about a week thanks to a hacker. You would think a hosting company would have looked into security issues. The vulerablity that the hacker got in through had info dating back almost a year. Things have gotten a little better now that they moved me to a new server, but still a week off line! – onlinecooking