Do you find it difficult to fall asleep quickly at night? Maybe it’s due to the uncomfortable bed that gives you sleepless nights and you should go for a comfortable bed on rent in Pune to fix it. But what if the issue is more than one? It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to fall asleep in a few minutes. However, if you are having a difficult time catching those Z’s moments, you need not worry.

Falling asleep under 3 minutes is just a matter of trying a few tricks. Here’s a list of few tricks that could help you fall asleep when you really need it:

Let the Darkness Comes to Play

Darkness sends the signals to the brain to wrap up for the day and go for a good night’s sleep. Switch off all the lights in your room to let your brain go deep in the sleep mode. Most people have a habit of turning on the night bulbs which interferes with your sleep. It’s better to keep the dark in your room to make the right environment for sleeping.

Take a Warm Shower Prior to Bedtime

Getting a shower before bedtime is a great way to invite a good night’s sleep. But it has to be a warm shower to put you in the mood to sleep in minutes. Warm showers are relaxing. When you take them close to your sleep time, they soothe the senses and relax them, which in turn, sends an open invitation to a good night’s sleep.

Use Lavender Scent In Your Bedroom

Scents calm your nerves and lavender puts you in a mood to sleep. Using a lavender scent in your room close to bedtime is a great way to ready your mind and senses for sleeping. The aroma of lavender puts you in a relaxed state which helps you sleep instantly. It is the much-hidden bedtime secret and it works as lavender lowers your blood pressure to send you in a deep sleep state in a matter of minutes.

Acupressure On Your Way to Sleep

Acupressure is a really helpful technique to alleviate sleeplessness. It works instantly to restore the balance in your body and kicks insomnia out of your life. You need to put a little pressure on your pressure points to send your mind into a sleep state instantly. Put gentle pressure in the pressure point between your eyebrows for a minute to make it work. It’s a perfect way to kick the sleep in when you need it the most.

The Key Takeaway

Sometimes, sleep doesn’t kick-in own its own, you need to force it. Consider checking out improb for more sleeping tips along with mattress recommendations. You need to take all those measures that invite sleep to your place. No matter if it’s about replacing your old bed with new home furniture on rent in Pune or investing in a cozy mattress, if you care to sleep, you shouldn’t hesitate to take measures. When sleepless gives you a tough time, use lavender scent in your bedroom, acupressure the vital points in your body, switch off all the lights in your bedroom and take a warm shower to create a perfect environment for a good night’s sleep and bet it won’t resist you anymore.