Since Instagram is all about visuals and appealing images, designers have taken to the social media app like a moth to a flame. There are tons of accounts of sensational creative artists who enjoy sharing their passion and work with followers, and some of them have found a lot of success within the confines of the mobile app.

If you’re looking for inspiration, want to boost your feed with more creative design accounts to follow, or are hoping to get more involved with the designing community on Instagram, you should check out this list of the best accounts to follow! There are designers in every corner of Instagram, so don’t stop here, but dig further into the world.

  1. Luke Choice @velvetspectrum: The bright graphic designs created by the artist are eye-catching and have a bit of a shock factor to them. He works with psychedelic prints and bold abstract choices in his work, and everything he creates is unique and has a bit of a retro feel to it. Vivid colors and contrasting patterns are a favorite element in his creations.
  2. Melsy @melsyillustrations: Fashion sketches, sweet greeting card type illustrations and typography, and themed portraits are what crowd these artists feed. Big brand names noticed an awesome story of success after her Etsy shop of prints and designs. Now, she has done work for Hallmark and other brands similar.
  3. Leta Sobierajski @letasobierajski: You’ll get a few strange vibes from this artist, who creates striking abstract works of art as a graphic designer. Interesting selfies also add a bit of a personal feel to this incredible account, and this artist is a super fun and quirky person, so her posts are enjoyed!
  4. Jessica Colacluca @designseeds: On this account, color is everything. This artist does original color palette themes that have been an inspiration and a huge help to designers everywhere. Choosing a color scheme and sticking with shades is what she is all about, and her eye for it is amazing. The content she creates is a beautiful and uniform, and many people get creative inspiration from her.
  5. Mikey Burton @mikeyburton: Dealing in both illustration and design, this artist has a unique full of peeks into his life, his art, and his passions. He does a lot of editorial work and has worked for some big names in the past as well such as Target and The New York Times. Followers enjoy some of his controversial work and the pop culture he shares in his designing. We were quite surprised to see Mikey only has 25,000 followers – which isn’t that impressive compared to the other artists we’ve featured on this list. Maybe they should give services like Buzzoid or Automatic Viral a try to help increase Instagram followers.

There are so many more designers with all sorts of styles and specialties out there on Instagram, so take a look at some of the hashtags these artists to use to get connected with even more designers.

Instagram is an incredible platform for artists to come alive truly, so even if you aren’t doing much with your creativity, don’t be afraid to reach and engage with others and join the creative community!