Whether you are a student or a practicing professional, graphics design requires you to be spontaneous. This means possessing the ability to come up with unique and original work when working on a client’s project or a graphic design thesis for your lecturer. It is one profession that relies entirely on creativity.

For your dissertation, you ought to have several graphic design topics to choose from. To make the right choice, review some graphic design thesis projects done by other students. Looking at these projects gives you an idea of what is expected of you and which topic suits you best.


Possible Ideas for your Graphic Design Thesis

When working on your dissertation, think of a topic that you can handle. Your paper should be not only interesting but also helpful to other designers. Are you clueless about what to write about in your graphic design dissertation? Check out the following list of suggested topics and pick the one you like.

1. Graphic design and commercial distinctiveness

Many companies, businesses, and organizations rely on graphics and images to create a distinctive brand in the market. As a student in this profession, you can decide to research how graphic designing helps mold a business or company brand. Use practical and goal-oriented organizations that have created a brand using visuals successfully.

2. Gender and graphic design

For the longest time now, women have been fighting for equal chances in leadership, economic platforms, and politics. Many recognizable strides have been made towards ensuring there are equal chances for both genders in the world. As a graphics student, you can focus your dissertation on the role of women in the graphic design industry.

3. Graphics with a limited financial plan

This is one of the few graphic design research paper topics that have not been exploited extensively by students. There is a lot to write about this topic. You can explain why graphic designing is expensive and if it’s possible to work on a small-scale strategy. You can highlight a few strategies on how to save money in this profession if you like. It is a very flexible course.

4. 20th Century evolution of computer graphics

Among the easiest graphic design dissertation topics, you can choose from in UK is this. Back in college, I made a mistake of picking a challenging topic to look smart. I had to look for dissertation writing experts to write my dissertation for me in the UK because it became challenging at some point. If you put your mind to it, graphic design subjects have easy topics that only require you to research on the development journey of this profession. Try.


5. Role of graphic design in web design development

Computer graphics have had a crucial role to play as far as web design is concerned. As a student, you can focus your dissertation on the history of web designing and the role played by profession. For starters, you can highlight how and when the web design the field of study was introduced, then proceed to what interests you most.

6. Computer graphics and advertisement

Over the years, many companies and businesses have adopted the use of graphically motivated adverts to market their products and services. Over time, this has become an effective universal marketing strategy. You can examine how graphics help relay precise messages to targeted audiences.

7. Computer graphic designers

There are numerous graphic design dissertation examples on this topic. Computer design is a particularly wide topic that gives you the freedom to explore different subtopics. For instance, you can base your dissertation on the role played by designers, the impact they have had on the industry and what makes a graphic designer stand out from the rest of the pool.

8. Graphic design and colors

Graphic design is all about blending different colors and coming up with appealing and fascinating products. For such a research paper, you can write about why colors are important and how different colors relay different messages to consumers. If you are so good, you can get an excellent grade talking about some of the best and worst colors in graphics.

9. Trends in graphic design over the years

Dedicate your paper to examining the recent trends of graphics over the past one or two decades. Although this is quite a gamble, it might pay off just fine with an excellent grade since not many students have tackled this topic in the past. It is a trend that has grown over time. Dig.


Through my years in college, I never saw a reason for paying for my assignments or research papers. I don’t see a reason why you should pay for yours either, whether in the UK or any other part of the world. When writing your thesis, you can pick any of these graphic design dissertation topics and make a great paper out of it.

After all, creativity counts, right?