Sometimes 3D models of certain objects are needed urgently, and there is neither time nor opportunity to look for artists to realize your ideas or draw models yourself. For these purposes, Hum3D has created a bank of ready-made models of inhabitants of the forests, deserts and seas of our planet.

Who Is Hum3D Team?

Our company is a collaboration of artists and designers working with 3D models. Among our performers are only the most talented artists from different countries. And they all specialize in various 3D modelling techniques.

Hum3D has been operating since 2005, and during this time, our models of equipment, cars, architecture, weapons and animals have become a stunning decoration of many exciting games, commercials or movies.

Hum3D Animals in 3D: What Can Be Found on Our Website

The Hum3D website catalogue contains more than 300 models of wildlife. We are not limited to creating only a standard set of animals, although we, of course, also have models of cats, dogs, and cows. But not only them!

Among ready-to-use models, there are also options such as dinosaur models, rare species of marine life, birds and insects. Besides, each of the models you can download in an animated format by selecting this option when downloading.

For the convenience of users, all 3D animals on the Hum3D website are grouped into several categories.

So, you can select them according to the type of 3D graphics.

• Low-poly models – simpler visually, but very popular in modern culture.

• Drawn in HD – more accurate and detailed, fully consistent with the original.

At the same time, our artists try to make all models as realistic as possible, tracking not only the correspondence of the photo of real animals but also the texture of wool, scales, skin, colour and movement.

To do this, artists often do a lot of work: they shoot or look for the most accurate photos of the depicted animal, for a long time they monitor the features of movements to translate them into animations.

But let’s go back to the variety of models in the Hum3D catalogue. In addition to filters by type of graphic, convenient categories are involved in the catalogue. For example, by sight. This means that you can only select models of amphibians, mammals, fish, insects or arthropods. Just check the category you need with a tick on the site – and choose the representative of the animal world that you need for your project.

And to simplify the task of finding 3D animal models, even more, we have singled out into separate categories the most popular requests of our users. For example:

• Big cats,

• Farm animals,

• Dogs,

• Rodents,

• Extinct species (here you will certainly be surprised by the variety of dinosaurs, sabre-toothed predators, mammoths).

And for those who need an exact match to their region of residence, we offer a convenient filter by continent and region: just one click, and you will see all available animals 3D models in Australia, Oceania or Europe.

Ready-Made 3D Models and the Ability to Order a Custom Model

If among the 300+ animals that have already been created by our artists, you still can’t find the right one for you, you have the opportunity to order a model according to your requirements. This is especially convenient if you need to compile a catalogue of visualizations of rare breeds, create a virtual zoo and populate it with unusual animals, or fantastic animals are needed for your project.

Hum3D embodies all the beauty of wildlife in realistic and beautiful animal models.