Back in the day, (e.g. in the ’90s) websites were all the rage and the cost to make them was astronomical. You could spend thousands of dollars outsourcing your site design to someone just because they knew how to code. Luckily those days are long gone and, instead, we live in the amazing world of website builders and templates. The downside is that templates tend to look very similar to one another. Creating something unique may seem challenging, but here are a few great tips you can customize easily – no code or large sums of cash required.

Tip #1: Choose a Builder that Offers High-Quality Templates

Whether you have an online store, or you simply want to create a landing page, having a site that offers a beautiful and professional range of unique templates is a must. Your template should be 100% responsive across all smart devices.

An important thing to consider is choosing a template that suits your business. Let’s take landing page templates, for example. A landing page is often described as a one-part business card and one-part offer. In other words, it needs to represent and articulate what you do, why people should choose you, and what you can do for your customer.

For example, you might be in the sports industry, offering a new way to work out; your landing page templates should reflect that brand message. The problem is that many people have to spend hours searching through thousands of templates. Choose a site builder like Ucraft that cuts through the excess and identifies specific niches so you can pick the right template straight away.

Tip #2: Customization is Key

In this digital fast-paced world, customization may seem out of place, but it is necessary to capture the viewer’s attention. Your content, images and design, when customized, will speak directly to your visitor and hopefully convert them into loyal and happy customers.

If it seems like pre-designed templates and customization don’t mix, you are in for a happy surprise. Landing page templates can offer incredible drag and drop options so you can change image blocks and other design elements. The result; something unique you created yourself that conveys your brand image and unique value proposition.

Tip #3: Content Matters

Speaking of content, the name of the game today is content marketing. The way we use words and convey our message is paramount. It is not so much about how much we write, but how thoughtful and thought-provoking our writing is. With so many people in a rush, brief or skimmable content will make a much bigger impact than long prose-like paragraphs with big SAT words and fancy jargon.

Tip #4: Choose a Great Call-to-Action

When it comes to landing pages and landing page templates, one of the most important elements is your call-to-action. This 3 to 5-word phrase can make or break your offer.

Choose a clear background image that won’t distract people from your CTA. Also, A/B testing is your friend. You want to prompt an action, so test which prompt speaks more to your customer base.

Here is just one example. Remember I mentioned a landing page template for the sports industry, specifically a customized training plan for quick and easy workouts. With A/B testing, your CTA options may look like this:

Get Your Free Workout Now


Sign-Up To Get More Information

Both seem good at first glance, but the first one is offering something free and useful to the visitor right away. The second CTA just seems to want the customers’ name and email without offering anything specific.

Tip #4: Feedback

You have picked a template and customized it, but you are still not sure about what your visitors think? ? Get some feedback. You don’t need to ask your customers one by one, just view your analytics and see how your site is performing.

You can view your traffic using Google Analytics, observe visitor behaviour and make changes accordingly.

For example, you may notice that your visitors are leaving at a certain point on your landing page or website. Is it the content’s lack of readability or perhaps too many distracting design elements? Take a closer look to tailor to your specific visitor base.


Creating beautiful, customized landing page templates doesn’t have to be difficult if you choose the right website builder. Make sure to play around with design elements and content so everything is in line with your branding. Then get feedback via analytics so you can edit and tailor your message to be more clear and convert your visitors. Get your business off the ground and flourishing with a great landing page.