Eight seconds — that’s the length of the average person’s attention span.

So whether you’re trying to convince someone to buy your product or read your blog, you only have eight seconds before they decide to stay on your site or click away. This makes the attractiveness of your content that much more important.

That’s where Adobe Spark comes into play. The Adobe Spark website and apps are divided into three categories — post, page, and video. Each provides a free way to help you capture the attention of your audience through attractive design.

Are you trying to learn how to use Adobe Spark? If yes, keep reading to discover the basic things you need to understand.

Spark Post

Spark Post is all about creating graphics for your various social media pages.

When you enter the site or app, you’ll have the option to choose what you want to create. The site offers templates for everything from Facebook cover photos to Pinterest posts. Once you select a template, you get to customize it with photos, text, colors, and the overall style.

Spark Post also comes with other resources, such as Adobe’s color palette maker to complete your images. That way all your graphics can have a cohesive color theme to create a clear brand identity.

Another resource is on Spark Post is Spark logo. Adobe Spark Logo allows you to create a custom logo for your business or brand in a matter of seconds. These tools are everything you need to professionalize your social media.

Spark Page

Adobe Spark Page is all about making attractive pages for your website. This app boasts the ability to take words and turn them into “beautiful, magazine-style web stories.”

The basic set-up and navigation across all three platforms are the same. You select a template that best fits your needs and customize it from there. This app definitely simplifies the website making process, as you don’t need any actual coding or HTML knowledge. Instead, just follow along on their website and after a few steps, you’ll have a professional, attractive webpage.

While still user-friendly, websites are a little more complex than social posts. You may want to watch a few adobe spark tutorials before diving in.

Spark Video

Wondering how to use Adobe Spark Video, the last app within the Adobe Spark trio? As you probably already guessed by the name, Adobe Spark Video allows you to create professional videos for your website or social pages.

Like all the other apps, you start by choosing a template you want to duplicate. You can upload any photos, video clips, or icons to the video maker. If you don’t have original content, there is stock content available.

Then, you can add in your own voice-over or text. From there you can also choose soundtracks or music to make the video complete.

Again, there are a lot of hidden features within the app, so you may find it useful to watch a few Adobe Spark Video tutorials.

Now You Know the Basics of How to Use Adobe Spark

Now you know the basics of how to use Adobe Spark.

While the apps are user-friendly and designed for convenience, there are a ton of features not discussed here. the best way to familiarize yourself with the apps is to download them now and start playing around. In just a few moments, you could have a new photo, webpage, or video to share with your online audience.

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