In 2018 alone, over 30 million tourists visited the Caribbean islands. Learning about the Caribbean style will help you make your home more relaxing than ever.

Out of all the people who visited the Caribbean in 2018, over 27 million were cruise passengers. In fact, the number of tourists visiting the Caribbean has been increasing over the years.

The Caribbean islands are hot spots for a reason: their style comes second to none. Incorporating Caribbean aesthetics into your home will turn your environment into an oasis of charm.

Here are 5 Caribbean decorating ideas that are too good to pass up.

1. Vibrant Colors

Caribbean colors are usually vibrant and bright. “Caribbean blues” are lighter shades of blue you’d find in the Caribbean sea. Yellows, oranges, light greens, and other tropical colors will also boost a space’s Caribbean vibe.

However, no Caribbean color palette is complete without pops of white. White makes the other colors stand out more.

Popular Caribbean house colors include pink, salmon, orange, sky blue, and other tropical pastel shades. Using a vivid accent color will make your house’s finer details stand out more.

Enjoy the tropics with a Caribbean cruise so you’ll get to see Caribbean color schemes up close and personal. The aforementioned link will help you book a cruise to the Eastern, Western, or Southern parts of the Caribbean.

2. Sheer Canopy For Bed

Sheer bed canopies and drapes are popular forms of Caribbean decor. Their luxurious style makes you feel like you’re taking a mini-vacation whenever you go to bed.

Secure sheer white curtains onto tall bedposts to achieve a resort-like effect in your bedroom. You can close these curtains for increased privacy and security as well.

Another bonus of bed canopies, drapes, and curtains: they keep bugs away from your bed!

3. Adopt a Sea Theme

The Caribbean seas are some of the most beautiful bodies of water in the world. It’s no surprise that people with Caribbean-style homes embrace the sea as a style influence.

Medium to light shades of blue evoke the sea in people’s minds. However, incorporating oceanic iconography into your living space will seal the association between your home and the Caribbean.

For instance, a teal glass lamp will gently remind your guests of the sea. Still, a lamp that’s decked out with seashells is a more obvious style statement.

4. Tropical Indoor Plants

The Caribbean islands are known for having an abundance of greenery. That’s why tropical indoor house plants add a touch of Caribbean splendor to your home.

There are plenty of Caribbean house plants to choose from. The Majesty Palm, Amazon Elephant’s Ear, and Peace Lily are only a few of the tropical plants you can keep indoors.

5. Caribbean-Inspired Furniture

Caribbean beaches are full of beach furniture. Bamboo, Rattan, and woven furniture pieces reflect the Caribbean’s beachy aesthetic.

It’s best if this woven furniture is brown or wooden. Wood notes are especially popular in Caribbean home design.

Take Your Caribbean Style To The Next Level

The Caribbean region includes over 7,000 islands. For this reason, Caribbean style is highly versatile and unique.

Around 36 million people live in the Caribbean region. If you can’t live on a Caribbean island, you might as well style your home like one!

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