Whether you are reading a newspaper, flipping through a book, watching your favorite TV show, or gazing at a billboard, you certainly see a lot of content. But for a fact, you can’t remember all this information if it doesn’t catch your attention.

Therefore, you can create tons of valuable content for your social media marketing efforts, but it will take your brand nowhere if it doesn’t appeal to your prospects.

Research shows that humans are visual beings. Yes, they only remember visually memorable information. In fact, you wouldn’t visit the site you love quite often as you do if it only contained thousands of black words. For instance, the main reason why you should get your free NBA picks from BetAmerica.com website and not elsewhere is because of the graphics that enrich the content in that site.

That said, the best gift you can give to your brand and enhance its visibility on social media is to create visually memorable content. Below are some graphic design tips that might help create durable impressions:

Have a clear goal

The stupendous graphic design skills you have gained over the years will prove futile if you don’t have a clear goal when developing social media content.

By having a goal, you will be able to develop and convey the right message visually.

Seek to understand the primary purpose of the post. Is it to drive sales? Is it to increase engagement on your fan page? Is it meant to drive traffic to your site, or will it ultimately drive sales?

Once you identify the purpose of the post, endeavor to understand your prospects. As yourself the following questions:

  • What are the demographics of your audience?
  • Which are some of the major social media platforms that they use?
  • Which times are they active on social media?
  • Do they access social media on their PCs or mobile devices?
  • What message will most appeal to them?
  • What do you want them to do with your message?
  • What challenges do they face, and how can you use your message to provide solutions?

An important thing you need to know is that as you create your goals, you don’t have too many of them. When you do this, you will create a busy graphic, which might ultimately put your prospects off.

Use the typography right

You might not know this, but typography is an art in itself. Of course, choosing the ideal font for your images can be a vicious cycle, but if you do it right, you will go a long way in creating a uniqueness that will create a ‘wow’ factor in your audience’s minds.

The fonts you choose should be a clear reflexion of your brand’s personality. However, working with tens of fonts can be overwhelming and can distract your audiences. Therefore, use at least two or three fonts in your visual message.

Choose the right color

Remember, a good color scheme does not only enhance the curb appeal of your visual message, but it also conveys the emotion you want your prospects to associate with. Therefore, make sure that the colors you choose reflect your brand’s personality and what you stand for as an individual.

Use the goals you set earlier to help you choose the ideal colors for your message. Be aware of the fact that color will help create balance and contrast in your message. If you choose color combinations that contrast too much, they might lead to a visual vibration. If you select those that don’t contrast enough, they will bleed into each other and result in unappealing end-result. Therefore, take time and choose the best!

When you choose the best color scheme, create consistency by using similar colors in all your posts so that you can create desirable reactions from your target market.

Use text effectively

Despite a popular belief, text and typography are two different things. Typography is the visual component of written communication, while the text is a sequence of words that make up the written communication.

To enhance the visibility and credibility of your brand on social media, use powerful words for your text, and ensure it’s easy to read. Select the right font size and color the text appropriately.

To achieve better results, don’t overcrowd social media graphics with text. It is highly recommended that you limit your text to not more than two liners. In fact, one-liner works best!

Apart from the tips mentioned above, don’t forget to use creativity so that you can stand out from the competition. Also, avoid sporadic content and adopt consistency so that audiences can understand your brand. Finally, know the platform you are working with, the audiences it attracts, and the type of content that could achieve success in each.

As long as you do everything right, there is no reason why social media graphic design shouldn’t help you generate more sales or drive traffic to your site!