The best thing about providing graphic design services is that you don’t have to start with considerable capital. Your skills are already enough to entice clients to hire you.

Moreover, you may have already invested in tools such as a tablet and pen. Starting a business can help you get a return on investment (ROI) for the cost of these gadgets. You can begin as a freelancer and work your way toward hiring additional people to accommodate bigger projects.

One thing to prepare before you accept an offer is to set your pricing and have a professional invoice that you can send to your clients. You can find lots of design invoice templates online, so you just have to make sure that you find the one that works best for your business.

Here are the ways that having a professional invoice can benefit your graphic design business:

1. Get Paid Accurately and Timely

The primary advantage of having an invoicing system is that you get to formalize the payment process with the client and remind them that you’ve completed the task. This document includes the scope of your work, as well as the technical factors that involve the project.

Make your invoice simple so that they understand the terms, but also comprehensive enough that they see how much effort you’ve put in for their order. This minimizes disputes and misinterpretations, which can ensure that you get your due on time.

Invoices typically include the name and contact details of the clients, the hours worked, or if you’re paid on a per-project basis, and the tasks that were done to complete the project.

Some tips to help you smoothen the payment process with an invoice:

  • Include a Due Date – Make things clear by putting a payment deadline for the client. This creates a sense of urgency, which can help you get paid as soon as possible. Of course, this factor is negotiable, but ask them for a specific date as to when they can send the amount that’s due.
  • Send the Invoice with the Finished Product – Always send the invoice right after the completion of a project. Ideally, it should be attached to the finished product so that the client can see the quality of your work and what they’re paying for.
  • Ensure Accuracy of Contact Information – Avoid payment delays by providing updated and accurate contact information. This way, the client can call or send you a message if they have questions about the invoice.
  • Offer Several Payment Methods – If you can, provide various payment options for your clients to cater to their preferences. Make the process convenient for them so that they can’t have any apprehensions about paying you.
  • Clarify Your Recipient – If you’re working with a large company, make sure that you address your email to your client contact. With this, you prevent delays by having your invoice end up with the wrong person in the organization.

2. Foster Transparency with the Client

Because an invoice contains a detailed description of the effort that was put in their project, the client is assured of the quality of your work. Your design portfolio may be valuable in enticing customers to work with you, but your invoice gives them an idea of the technical factors involved in a particular artwork.

This comprehensive document provides concrete evidence of your integrity as a freelancer and business owner. With this, you guarantee the client’s satisfaction because they know the expertise that entails their project.

3. Standardize Your Billing Process

An invoicing system helps you standardize your billing process. You just need to fill up a single document for your payment needs and get paid for your work. This minimizes errors and inaccuracies in your business files.

4. Keep Record of Business Transactions

Invoices are useful in keeping track of the projects that you’ve completed and the amount you were paid for each one of them. This can help you pay the appropriate taxes and make you compliant with the law.

5. Reinforce Your Brand

Invoices are also valuable in establishing and reinforcing your brand. This official document shows that you are serious about your graphic design business, as well as in providing quality services to your client.


A professional invoicing system can make graphic design businesses get paid accurately and timely. Moreover, it boosts your relationship with your clients through transparency.

The process and document can also help you standardize your billing process, keep a record of your business transactions, especially for tax purposes, and reinforce your brand.