Social media has revolutionized the way we live, communicate and consume – and almost everyone with access to a computer or smartphone is plugged in and logged on. We spend huge amounts of our time exposed to various platforms, chatting with our friends, watching videos and reading articles. When it comes to digital marketing, social media has become an increasingly potent and powerful tool. Never before have businesses had such a huge reach and with it the opportunity to communicate directly with their customers and target demographic. With design being at the crossroads of technology and communication, it makes perfect sense for design businesses to harness the full power of social media marketing. If you find yourself struggling with being consistent with your social media efforts, you can think about automation with social media tools. Here are some reasons why you should already be on board.


Social media platforms are interactive places. That means interaction between friends, relatives, and most importantly in this case, between businesses and their customers (or potential customers). The beauty of social media marketing lies in being able to directly communicate – never before have businesses been able to personalize their marketing so effectively and responsively. Whether you’re interacting with your followers on Twitter, posting hot content or new rollouts on Instagram or answering customer questions via Facebook, your brand is always in touch with its target audience. What’s more, social media is all about sharing and spreading the word – so when a marketing campaign goes viral, your company’s reach becomes astronomic.


Social media provides an extremely cost-effective solution for delivering your company’s communications. Almost all popular social media platforms are free to sign up to, so you’re a few clicks away from getting started. While the days of expensive mail outs, billboard hire and publicity stunts are not finished yet, many small design companies are turning to social media as a cost-effective alternative. Your brand may require a dedicated employee to run its social networking accounts, keeping the content fresh and current and answering messages, reading feedback, etc. But otherwise, the brand delivery system is free, leaving you more budget to spend on sublime design, compelling content and snappy copy (or on sponsored ads). And you’ll find that a little investment of money and time will help your conversion rate skyrocket.

Become an expert

We mentioned dedicated employees. In fact, such is the impact social media marketing has had, an array of jobs are now available in the field. Having the tools to negotiate the dynamic landscape of social media is becoming an increasingly desirable skill set for employers, and learning these skills can lead to a fulfilling career. Some entry-level positions are available and although it is an area in which people used to learn on the job, many prospective marketers are studying for diplomas. Formal study can also be hugely beneficial for small business owners, those aiming to maximize their brand potential without employing more staff.

Don’t get left behind

There are Luddites and naysayers in life. Those who dislike social media, or think of it as cheap, invasive, or just a craze for kids. There may even be a modicum of truth in those accusations, but the fact of the matter is, social media is effective for marketing your brand. And, more importantly, your competition is out there, all across every conceivable platform, marketing theirs. Design is a tough, competitive industry, and one that is heavily reliant on first impressions, authenticity and originality. Social media is the best way to get your work out there and noticed, and well-managed campaigns and communication are the keys to staying a step ahead of the rest.

Customer satisfaction

Social media is a vital line of communication between companies, clients, customers, and leads. Being able to talk to your customers in real-time enables you to respond quickly to praise or criticism, and to give service updates where applicable. For customers, communicating with an actual person, with an actual name is incredibly refreshing after decades of automated messages, ignored answer machines, and dehumanized FAQs. The personal touch has long been the main aim of marketing campaign strategies, and now, with social media, it is easy, quick, cheap and mutually beneficial to achieve. Another plus point for businesses is the level of feedback they receive, and the ability to monitor, assess and adjust their marketing in real-time. Social media has made it possible for companies to really understand their industries and the needs of their customers. And remember, nowadays customers don’t want to be pitched to, they don’t want the hard sell. They want active and authentic engagement, and social media is the perfect platform.

Visual content

For design companies, social media offers a uniquely effective delivery solution. There is an unquenchable demand for compelling, brilliantly designed content, and with the ubiquity of cellphones and tablets, this content is consumed all the time, everywhere. Strategic use of social media entails beaming your brand into this moving, dynamic landscape. It’s now straightforward to optimize your design content for mobile users, and your brand has never had a larger potential audience. At the same time, umpteen competitors are vying for attention, and so it is up to designers to catch the eye of the market. After all, social media marketing is a heavily visual medium.

There is no question that social media marketing will continue to grow in influence and popularity. A perfect platform for design businesses to show off their brand as well as their customer service. In today’s connected world, there is simply no excuse not to get on board and embrace how enabling social media platforms are when it comes to furthering your business, or any business, for that matter!