The start of a new decade brings with it a new lease of life, new beginnings, and new frontiers to discover. For businesses, this means taking the company into the new millennia, with relevant changes, and the addition of user-friendly features. Individuals don’t have the monopoly on the “new decade, new me” mantra – so if you’re especially savvy, you can apply it to your business as well.

One of the most important things for businesses to have nowadays is a dedicated website. This is the era of smartphones. Connectivity around the world has grown exponentially, and more than half of the population has access to the Internet. Social media takes the cake in making the world more connected than ever.

If you’re a business person, it only fits that you are in the know of the trends that’s relevant to your specific industry. But do you know that website-wise, there are things you can do to welcome the new decade? Usher in some of these small tweaks in your website to ensure your success in the next ten years:

Small Tweak 1. Shorten your copies.

Copies are anything that consists of words – product descriptions, button labels, fluff, articles, press releases, etc. If you’re dealing with services, a great copy informing your website visitors of what you do is essential. If you’re a product-centric website, product information is imperative as well. You don’t need to have long copies for these, though, as few words and phrases are more beneficial.

Shortening your copies makes your website visitors more comfortable to the eye. It creates an inviting ambiance: not too serious, but serious enough for business. For example, if you have Hamilton watches as products, consider listing down the features, cutting down the unnecessary fluff.

Small Tweak 2. Maintain your blog.

Most websites, especially e-commerce websites, focus on the products and services. For sales, obviously. That’s understandable, but maintaining a blog makes your website more alive. Google crawlers are especially friendlier to sites that have a history of updating now and then.

Set a schedule. Employ a content writer who can create quality and original blogs for you, at least once or twice a week. Or if you’re particularly good at writing, you can do it yourself. After all, you’re the entrepreneur, so you at least have a great wealth of knowledge about the business. Maintain a blog, regular schedule posting, do it for a year, and see the changes.

Small Tweak 3. Answer questions immediately.

In this era where instant messaging is one of the drivers of the tech industry, a website that is focused on consumer questions, complaints, and returns is a breath of fresh air. Gone are the days where customers can only reach you through email and a dedicated contact page. If you haven’t added a dedicated chatbox for your consumer yet, it’s high time you do.

Getting a chatbox should not be the be-all and end-all of your customer service as well. Prompt answers to questions should be top on your targets. Hire a person to do this. Or a team depending on your capacity. If you’re starting, you can handle this side of the business yourself. It’s arguably the most important part of getting a sale, and you’d be remiss if you don’t pay attention to it.


The new decade brings with it a promise. Of hope, of things to look forward to, and the fun memories that you’ll experience. Business-wise, the stars should be shining to you this year. But luck is just one part of the picture, and you’ll need to make some changes if you want to achieve your goals. To a prosperous 2020!