Are you thinking about getting into the online casino business? Maybe you have been in it for the past couple of years. Whatever the situation is, there is no denying that the market is a lucrative one. Heck, it is currently at a billion dollars and it is only forecasted to grow even more. When you look at the numbers it only makes sense to jump right into the market. The only problem is that it isn’t as just as easy as jumping right in. No, there are tons of hurdles and obstacles that you will have to overcome along the way. The first of these will probably be the website’s design. Just take a look at how important the design of your site is and how it can impact you and your future business.

Customers Make Visual Judgments

If you want to spend money with an online casino, but arrived at one that was outdated or lacking in flavor, what would you immediately think? You would probably immediately start wondering if the site is even up and functioning anymore. At the very least, you are going to doubt the legitimacy of the company. Any negative seed right from the beginning is going to sow a bad message that you do not want to convey to your customers. The latest research shows that right around 75 percent of customers make judgments based on the visual design of the site alone. Don’t let an outdated site cause you potential customers.

First Impressions Are Everything

You have probably heard the saying about first impressions over and over again. You know that they are everything, right? When you met someone for the first time, you might only have a few seconds to engage and judge that person. Whether you are right or not, that first impression is going to carry water throughout the entire relationship. Well, the same thing can be said when someone visits your site. It doesn’t matter if you impress them later down the road because a soured first impression is going to last with you forever.

The design of your site is going to be the first thing that customers see, and you do not want them to be soured by the design or it will impact both of you for the remainder of the business relationship. This is something that all current and future online casino owners want to avoid.

It Only Takes 50 Milliseconds

Speaking of first impressions, you already know that you are only going to have a limited amount of time to awe and amaze your customers. Well, you might know that you only have a limited amount of time, but you might not realize just how limited that time is. You literally have 50 milliseconds to make an impression. Do you know how quick this is? This is about as quick as the blink of an eye. It is something right around 0.05 seconds. When customers arrive on your site what are they going to have 0.05 seconds to look at?

They won’t have time to look at anything, but the design. It will be the design that they first see, and this will be the thing that makes an everlasting impression. You can ask any expert from the ultra-popular online gaming site idn poker, and they will tell you that the design in the first and last thing that many non-return customers see.

Customers Will Stop Engaging

You already know that poor design is going to affect the credibility of your site. Heck, you already know that it is going to make customers not want to sign up, but did you know that it might even impact the customers that you already have? That’s right, a poorly designed site is going to take those current customers that you have and make them not want to interact anymore. This means that they will no longer be interested in playing your games or participating in your bonus offers. People want beautiful content that is well laid out and easy to navigate and read. The latest studies and research shows that most casino sites will lose right around 1/3 of their visitors with an unattractive design.