At some point of time in our lives, we all have sat through a presentation which seemed to slog on and on! Online presentations which are disorganized, encompass long-winded explanations or dwell on trivial information doesn’t lead to anywhere. PowerPoint presentations have always played a huge role in business and marketing development. Whether it’s a new product pitch, a business conference or interview with a stakeholder, your presentation can be a real deciding factor. Poor visuals and poor planning can ruin your presentation like anything. Entrepreneurs must understand that their online presentations have to be charming and slick, the kind which pulls your audience in and keeps them captivated till you finish. PowerPoint is nothing but a test of your marketing abilities. The right PowerPoint presentation can be a game-changer, for better or worse.

People often struggle with the designing part of a presentation. Rather than focusing on the outline and overall design of a presentation, a large number of presenters just pick a default template and start putting-in content. In other words, don’t just jump to creating a presentation. You should first identify a suitable design and then start writing your main ideas on paper to organize your thoughts. It is then you can pick a suitable template which resonates with the content you just penned down. Your template should support the flow of your content and information and not the other way around. When you’re short on time or in need of professional presentation design, ready to use PowerPoint templates can come really handy. Ready made presentation templates offer flexible design, great customization features and ensure higher audience engagement.


In this article, we have outlined five amazing PowerPoint templates for your online meetings:

Mission & Vision:

For any organization to succeed, strategic planning is the key. Mission and Vision statements are critical for any organization. These statements define the purpose of a company and instill a sense of belongingness amidst employees, executives and customers. One of the finest SlideModel designs, the Mission and Vision template can be highly beneficial for your online meetings. Mission and Vision are often regarded as the ‘North Star’ which provides direction to the company and helps employees achieve common goals, objectives and deliverable’s. The template comes with two dedicated shapes, each for a concept. The Mission concept has been represented by Target shaped design, whereas the Vision concept is depicted by Telescope shapes. The statements are imperative tools for strategic planning.

4 Stages Shelf Timeline:

Nothing can be worse than a missed deadline. Poor project management can make your teams fall behind, get flustered and lose the opportunities. There is no denying that Time has an irreplaceable role in human life. Including a timeline template in your project management can help your teams identify and prioritize important tasks. With 4 Stages Shelf Timeline template, you can easily outline your goals, note down key milestones and decide time frames accordingly. Project development and management can go hand in hand if everybody is on the same page. The timeline can help you keep a superior track of tasks done in the past, the tasks in progress and what’s supposed to be started tomorrow. Thus, the template can help managers, architects and teams ensure they hit every deadline on time. You can also use the template to showcase product development stages, road maps etc. The template comes in 4 different background designs which are specifically crafted to meet professionalism.


An acronym for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement, ADKAR template can be your best pick for depicting change management concepts. ADKAR is a famous model for ensuring change processes occur efficiently. The model tells you the ingredients for successful change management. The ADKAR template is a 5-step timeline style diagram which can help you showcase your employee’s or even the company’s journey through the change process. The template comes pre-packed with clip art icons, attractive linear sequence diagrams, circular labels and more. You can easily showcase data under 5 phases of change in practice. The ADKAR model is useful for companies looking forward to changing to stay relevant in the marketplace. Presenters can use the ADKAR template to carefully focus on people and business dimensions.

5 Whys Process:

Asking questions is the simplest and most effective way of educating ourselves. The art of solving problems and generating ideas is aided by asking the questions in the first place. As a team leader, you should understand what your clients & employees need to know since information is imperative. The work environment can be made information-rich when people ask the right questions. The 5 Whys Process template can be your pick for root-cause analysis and brainstorming. Your teams can only think creatively and reach the primary source of a problem if they are asking the relevant questions. There is no doubt that asking questions encourages creative thinking. Questions create reflection, they initiate a change and motivates you to take action. The template provides dedicated sections for asking questions and arguments from teams. The whole problem-solving flow can be visualized for good.

Market Segmentation:

For any business to succeed, it’s important to identify market segments that the company can target. Geographic, Demographic, Behavioral and Psycho-graphic factors should be accounted & market segmentation should be done for the best return on investment. This Marketing Segmentation template helps you do just that. You can easily divide potential customers into groups based on certain characteristics. You can fully customize the template to suit your presentation goals and match your organization’s corporate branding. You can use amazing shapes and diagrams provided with the template to showcase your audiences’ lifestyle, needs, interests etc. The template can help you identify and target potential people for your business. When you’re in a room full of investors, make sure you’re in the room with the right people. Know your market.