You have your own apartment. Now what? You may have millions of ideas about how you want to decorate your apartment.

Maybe you have no idea how you want to decorate. It is your apartment, so the style that you give to your new place is really up to you, but if you are on a budget, decorating can require more creativity.

The good thing is that there are tons of ways that you can decorate your home on a shoestring. The internet has a plethora of sites and platforms that have informative step by step videos that can help you create the apartment of your dreams.

In the article, we will go over five simple DIY ideas for your new apartment decor.

#1 Put Some Color on Your Walls

This is perhaps one of the simplest ways that you can decorate your apartment. You can go to any hardware store and get amazing colored paint.

A nicely painted wall or walls can change the entire look of your apartment. When deciding on the colors that you want to paint your apartment, you want to first ask your landlord if painting is allowed if you are renting.

Think about happy colors that you love, and get samples from the paint store until you find a color that you like for your walls.

There is nothing wrong with painting multiple walls; it all depends on your taste. Wallpaper can also be used if you are interested in putting color on your walls. There are thousands of different types of wallpaper designs that you can choose from, and they can be quite affordable.

Apart from that, there are cool wall decals that you can find at hobby stores; these are also highly inexpensive, but they give your walls a great look.

#2 Make a Tire Seat

If you want to give your guest a cool place to sit, but a chic chair is not in your budget, use a tire. There is a simple way to decorate an old tire that is highly affordable. First give the tire a nice scrub before you start to use it.

Next, Get some rope material from your local hardware store. Twist the rope around the chair starting from the middle and glue it on with a hot glue gun. You can choose to leave the middle of the tire open, or you can cut out a round piece of plywood and glue in on the top of the tire before you glue on the rope.

This makes a chic chair that is highly affordable.

#3 Redo a Dresser

A dresser can be more than just a place to put your clothing. You can put a dresser in your bathroom, your living room or even in your dining room. In order to create a great storage piece/T.V. holder, all you have to do is go to the second hand store and redo your old dresser.

Sand the dresser down, and get off all of the old paint. Next, remove all of the handles and drawers. Finally paint the dresser using your favorite colors and add on some cool new handles.

#4 Plants Everywhere

Plants are an amazing way to decorate a home. Greenery not only makes your home look more warm and inviting, but it is also good for the air in your apartment.

You can get plants affordable at any home store. You can also find plants that people are getting rid of on local directories; you can sometimes find them for free.

#5 Add Your Own Artwork

Yes – creating your own artwork is a realistic and easy thing to do. Fire up Photoshop and get creative! Create fun designs and patters, and then put those designs onto posters. There are many online poster makers that can assist with this.

If you’re not that creative, how about using photos you’ve taken over the year? Perhaps from a trip to a city, or some views at the beach or in nature? There are so many memories you can put into posters, and it’ll be a trip down memory lane every time you see them.

Chic and Affordable

There is no need for you to spend thousands of dollars on home decor. There are plenty of affordable ways that you can decorate your home. Not only will DIY home decor save your wallet, but it is also better for the Jump to top