Design is a work of art. Every design student needs to develop their skills gradually to succeed in college and become the best in his or her field. The objectives of good design and the practices that make a good graphic design student have slightly changed over the recent years, but still, have something in common.

If you need to learn how to succeed in college by coming up with great designs and writing the best research papers on different topics in this field, you need to learn a few essential tips. These tips will teach you how to be a better student and excel in a college. These are simple things every college freshman needs:


Understand The Role of Design

Design communicates a goal, experience, action, or response. You can choose different methods to communicate and use different tools too. The tools you choose are not as important as the communication itself. If you understand what your communication goals are, you can communicate effectively. The easiest way to communicate effectively is to understand who you are communicating to.

It is not about you, your preferences, or your interests, it is about your consumers, users, and viewers. Even being a student, you need to understand your audience. If only you take a few days studying the market, you will understand who your target audience is and what their interests are.

Observe the Design and Process

Design is more than adding features on a template. It involves adding value and meaning, illuminating, simplifying, calcifying, modifying, and persuading among other purposes. To be a better design, you need to observe other designs and learn from them. For instance, if you wanted to write the best essay on memory, you can always look for some memory essay examples online. StudyMoose, for instance, features a large variety of examples that might be helpful when one needs to look for a general perspective on a certain topic. These examples will help you understand the process of essay writing, structure, and language that should be used when working on a particular assignment.

When observing these designs, or following one’s template, ask yourself the following questions:

· Does the design communicate a message and does it succeed at doing so?

· Who is the target audience?

· Does the design solve a problem?

When your observation skills improve, they also improve your ability to analyze your responses to design.

Learn the History

When you rely on templates and look at the designs of others, you internalize their work. This way, even when you are not conscious of it, you end up creating works that mirror other people’s work. This is one of the things that every college freshman needs to understand. Everyone borrows from everyone. However, you need to learn the difference between building on someone’s work and copying their work. If you want to learn how to become better in your field, learn the history of graphic design. The great work of today is built upon the designs of artists from a century ago.

Develop a Process

Just like when you are writing a memory essay paper, you cannot sit down and write without a plan and a laid-out structure. If you look at samples or examples online, you will see that the artist had a process to follow. As a graphic design student, you can develop your own process that helps you succeed in a design college.

For starters, start with an objective. After setting the objective, understand what you want your work to communicate. Before you start any project, here are things every college freshman needs to know:

· The target audience

· The message the design needs to communicate

· The expected response

When you are collecting and working on how to be a better professional, you need to understand the product, event, message, previous work, and what works in the design field you are in.

Create a Design System

Have you ever seen a piece of art and instantly knew the artist who did the piece? Or have you ever heard a good song and you knew who wrote it?

Great artists have a unique way of doing things. They have developed a unique system that allows them to create great works time and time again. If you want to succeed in college as a graphic design student, therefore, you need to come up with a system that allows you to create unique pieces every day. It is important to study project management at Southern Cross University to learn how to develop, plan and execute a proper system.

To do that, you need to keep your work simple, choose a style and stick to it, avoid being swept by trends, and focus on the results, not the tools you use.


Above wanting to know how to succeed in college, you need to have a design mindset. It is easy to get into this field and learn things every college freshman needs to know. However, becoming successful takes a different approach altogether. To succeed in college, you need to understand that you might not be rich or famous or have renowned work; but you can create masterpieces every time you work.