The IT industry is developing at a high pace. The Internet that existed a decade ago is far from the global network we have now. At its dawn, little attention was paid to the interface and convenience.

People were happy that they could communicate and find information. Today, a user has become more demanding, and the industry is set to meet everyone’s needs.

A modern web surfer will hardly wait even a minute for a website to load. Ten years ago, people waited hours for their favorite song to upload. This contrast shows that growing competition and high expectations from customers shape new requirements for websites.

User experience and convenience are now critical for success. Marketers from estimate that their sales could drop by 30% if it was not for continuous upgrade and re-decoration of the website.

Such a demand for high-quality and appealing user interfaces means that there is a growing need for qualified UI/UX designers as well.

This profession promises good money, but it also requires education and preparation. Here are several best ways to learn UI/UX Design.

Seek Information About UI/UX

Before making a decision to engage in UI/UX design in college, research the field. Read as much as you can to find out whether this niche is for you.

UX/UI design is not only about technical skills. It is also about the ability to prioritize and create extra convenience for customers.

Find books that can tell you about the essence of the UI/UX designer’s role. Discover how the profession evolved and developed and what challenges were overcome.

Find a Mentor

Learning from scratch can be tough. You will definitely need a hand or at least a second opinion from someone who is an expert in the field. Thus, finding a mentor is critical for your success.

This person does not need to squeeze your hand and be there every step of the way. One can even be an online tutor who can help by answering your questions when you are in a deadlock.

Little guidance may be needed here and there, so make sure you have someone to turn to.

Find an Online Course

There are plenty of platforms that offer UI/UX design courses. In this article, we will focus on the most popular ones.


This famous platform for online learning offers plenty of courses on UI/UX Design. Many of them promise quick and easy dive into the subject and outstanding learning outcomes.

In fact, most of these courses are compiled by industry experts and successful UI/UA designers. These specialists can really teach you the basics and some ins and outs of the profession.

After successful completion of the course, you will get a certificate that can be shared via LinkedIn.


This platform is one of a few European platforms designed specifically for learning UX and UI.

It advocates for gradual and in-depth learning of UI/UX Design at one’s own pace. Most of the offered programs have mentorship options.

Students are guided and advised throughout their studies by expert mentors and tutors. Most importantly, course upgrades are regular, so the curriculum stays relevant to the industry needs.

The price is one of the greatest constraints you will face on this platform. However, having paid this money, you get a set of guarantees.

After completing the course on the platform, such companies as Google, PayPal, Netflix, and other tech giants will be among your probable employers.

Interaction Design Foundation

The oldest platform for learning UI/UX design is also one of the most successful. It still offers a course on how to become a UX designer for newbies.

However, all other courses expect one to have a solid understanding of the role of UX designer in the company. They include both written and visual materials. There will also be practical projects for students to try out their skills.

Universities with the world’s best reputation use IDF materials in their courses. Global companies hunt for employees with certificates issued by this organization. However, the price for the course remains more than affordable ($96 – $156).

Develop Your Soft Skills

Being a UI/UX designer is not only about website development. It also requires empathy, passion, and great analytical skills. You need to be able to feel users’ frustration when something does not work right.

UI/UX design is also about self-motivation and a genuine interest in technology. No one will motivate you to educate except for yourself.

‘Stay humble and keep doing’ could be the best motto for dedicated UI/UX designers.

Look for Practical Projects

Learning UI/UX is impossible without doing some real work. There are many websites and freelance platforms where you can find assignments that can be later included in your resume. Choose the ones with reasonable deadlines and make sure you understand all the requirements.

If you are sure you can perform it, agree whatever the price is. At this stage, gaining practical skills is important, not money.

Usually, working on the project requires cross-functional communication with different people. Make sure you get the most of this experience by maximizing the outcomes from each collaboration.

Final Words

After a while, you will eventually realize that you can handle more complex projects.

Even while in college, you can land a job or work on a project basis, earning good money, and applying the skills you have. However, it would be wrong to say that your learning process ends here.

UI/UX design is a niche that develops rapidly. Whatever you learned a year ago may not be relevant today. Thus, never stop learning.

Make the most of your experience, but always leave room for new knowledge and skills. Such an approach can grant you success while landing a new job or a project.