Content creation has become open to the most significant aspects of digital marketing. We all are in front of our screens for the maximum part of the day and we consume what we see.

Even conventional businesses are running through social media, especially in these testing times. We are here to help you enhance your designs for your social media so you can nail your brand or identity through content creation, and grow your social media account. In this business, it is so crucial to stay up to date.

To simplify your task, we are here with 5 Simple Design Tips to Enhance Your Social Media.

Incorporate your Logo

If you want your audience to relate and connect with you more while simultaneously enjoying the graphics, you must put a logo in the corner. This practice can help you gain recognition for yourself and increase engagement. Whenever you see 4 ceiling rings or an M written in a particular font in red, you immediately know that it belongs to Audi or McDonald’s.

Most of the social media accounts comprise of a display picture, a cover photo and description. The profile or display picture ordinarily comprises of the company logo hence, one should make sure that their logo is outstanding and aesthetic.

Your cover photo can either remain constant and display your message or product, or it can change with different campaigns. If you can want more engagement, you can always keep updating the cover photo with something new and creative every few months.

Too many texts spoil the image

Even though texts can help to deliver a clear-cut message that you want to convey, however, if you insert too many texts, you will end up making the display look very crowdy. Restrict yourself to only add a couple of lines for all social media pages and campaigns, be it Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or any other platform.

If you have a long message to delivery, you can always use the caption column to your benefit. An excessive number of writings can get overpowering to the spectators. Also, they may be disappointed by the banal presence of grammatical and punctuation errors in the text. Therefore, as your business grows, pay more and more attention to the quality of your writing. And better of all, use the services of companies like or private proofreaders. The purpose of web-based media illustrations is to convey the genuine message of yourself or your brand through visual aids such as lines, shapes, colour schemes, etc. It is also important to know the difference between text and typography.

While text includes the message you want to deliver, typography is the art or style of that text. Make sure that your typography is creative yet readable, and is consistent for all the posts.

Feed and Aesthetics

While it is crucial to regularly keep posting pictures and videos for the visual branding of the business, it is equally important to maintain a proper, well-organized feed. This is especially important for platforms like Instagram as it helps to differentiate between a personal account and a professional account.

Adhering to small details helps to give the platform a more professional look and hence, it helps to build trust. One can decide a fixed colour scheme, logo placement, border, picking one filter, and sticking to it and a proper grid layout. are various tools available online that can give a preview of the feed before posting anything, such tools can be used to prevent mishaps and untidiness. This concept is also known as consistent branding.

Also, try to maintain a symmetrical feed. If you choose to opt for asymmetrical feed, go for perfectly asymmetrical. Find a colour scheme that can target the audience’s psychology as per your brand and maintain it throughout.

Make sure that your design is consistent with the message you want to convey. Play with the visuals as visual engaging posts, especially those with contrasting colour schemes help to attract maximum attention.

Focus on the core idea

While running a campaign, there is always some important information that needs to be delivered along with some creative content to make the post engaging. While adding engaging and fun content is very necessary to attract the audience, it is important to keep the central idea of the post in focus. If you have included some typography, make sure that the important message is in bold and some different font.

Maintain the hierarchy of the post from most important to least important, however, do not skip on any aspect. As per research, it takes only 0.05 seconds to form an opinion by looking at visuals. Hence, prioritize well and make it attractive even for someone who is on the go and scrolling rapidly. Don’t forget to inculcate a strong call to action.

Think Out of the Box

There is a lot of visual content on social media. Instagram and Pinterest are all about images and people post beautifully designed visual content on Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course, YouTube as well.

No one wants to watch the same kind of content every day, as everyone looks for variety. Here, you need to nurture your creative juices to get them flowing and think outside the box. Be innovative and don’t be afraid to stand out. Be ready to be a trendsetter. It is not always necessary to put visuals every day.

To keep your audience engaged and interested, try new things every a few weeks such as post quotes, graphs, behind the scenes, fun facts, polls, question-answer session, charts, etc. Always maintain a mood board personally so you can have something to take inspiration from as having a stop-scrolling impact is a must!


We hope that these simple design tips to enhance your social media can help you attract your target audience. The sole purpose of social media is to interact and express yourself with as many people as you can and want to.

Make sure to ace the designs so you can easily be ready for the next step, i.e. social media marketing. We have several tips for that as well, such as running campaigns, using social media growth tools find these tools at The Verified List and much more fun content. Stay tuned to know more!