The science of casino design is no small feat. The task of mapping the slot layout, through to the carpet design, all involves a huge amount of detailing to ensure that there’s an immersive and engrossing feel built into the structure.

What’s more is, across the world, there are several casinos that have extraordinary designs. The designs of those outstanding casinos were taken to enviable heights in the bid to ensure that the gaming experience is always a memorable one. We have made a list of the seven casinos with the best designs in the whole world. And for when you can’t be at the best designed casinos, you can experience Nektan sites like this one online.

The Venetian Las Vegas

Here, you will encounter 140 casino tables, the highest number of slot machines you can find anywhere in Vegas, and up to 118 sports betting kiosks. Whenever you desire the lavish style of gambling in Las Vegas, you have to come to the Venetian. When you are surrounded by action and want to relax and unwind, you can look to the other side of the building where you can enjoy the gondola rides that gently calm you like nothing else. They are situated inside the hotel and outside of it, and you will feel you’ve been transported from Vegas to Macau while on the ride.

Adelaide Casino, Australia

This is the only online casino that is operating with a license in the entire southern part of the country, and it stands inside a memorable railway station. This casino is listed among the country’s national heritage sites, but inside, you will enjoy an amazingly modern gaming experience. There are more than 900 gaming machines, with up to 100 tables to serve gamblers here.

Sun City Resort, South Africa

There is something very unique about this location and casino, and no other location on earth has been able to replicate that. You will not only enjoy casino games inside this complex, you also have the privilege to see a lot of game reserves in the large safari of wildlife within the same establishment. Within the same hour, you can enjoy both exotic big games in the reserves and big money casino games in the gaming arena. There are four hotels inside the complex, plus an 18-hole golf course. You will enjoy the amazingly scenic African setting here, with a high end shopping area, a cinema, a nightclub, a concert venue, and a waterpark to help you relax.

Baden-Baden Casino, Germany

When you get to this casino, you will be convinced without doubt why it is named the most beautiful casino in the world by many. Here, you cannot enter without formal wear because it is completely exclusive and exquisite.

This lies close to the very scenic Black Forest of Baden Baden, and many people believe that no other casino in the world is more beautiful than this. This is where the classic German architecture comes to life. From the luxury walls, to the full interior decor and art, it’s all about class, and the elite are always flocking here for their summer holidays. There is a spa, a conference complex, and a world class dining area.

The Ritz Club, United Kingdom

You will find many Ritz clubs across the globe, but the one that is located at Piccadilly Square, London, tops them all in beauty and elegance.

Just as it’s traditional with other Ritz establishments, the London Ritz delivers amazing lodging experiences, plus dining and gambling that tops whatever you will find in other casinos around. This looks like something plucked from a James Bond movie, especially when you consider the gold and ornate red walls. Class and opulence are written all over the casino, and it is always dominated by people playing high stakes games. This is a private casino by membership, but when you are finally admitted, you will enjoy your time with the high and mighty in London.

Casino de Genting, Pahang, Malaysia

In the whole of Malaysia, this is the only land based casino authorized by law. This complex has five hotels inside it, and for 8 years, one of the hotels stood as the world’s largest hotel before it was deposed. This is the place where South East Asia enjoys gaming. The fact is that this location has an avalanche of entertainment to offer to the Asian world. It is the best place for gamblers with family. To take a break from gaming, players can enjoy time outs at the theme park where a scenic gondola ride is available. The park also hosts award ceremonies, TV shows are filmed live there, and there are four clubs and bars for players too.

The Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada

You can’t just make this list and not include the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas. The site has amazing fountains that you must have seen in several movies that were shot in Las Vegas, including Ocean’s Eleven. This beauty and uniqueness also extends to the gambling area of the hotel. This place is not just about the very pretty fountains, but the place where you can experience the best casino and poker gambling in the state. The professionals love to come here and enjoy high limit tables in the poker room. If you come for this, you will most likely bump into a poker celebrity. There are 2,300 slot machines, video poker, and video slots here, and the jackpots run into the millions here.