A variety of smart assistants have long infiltrated our lives. Today no one can be surprised with a smartphone or tablet, such equipment is available and widely represented! However, gadgets are associated with entertainment, and with their help, you can simplify the process of learning the school program, it is only necessary to apply a few special applications and services like writing paper. With them, training becomes really visual, interactive. Electronic gadgets – irreplaceable assistants of the modern schoolboy who possess wide communication possibilities and considerably facilitate the performance of daily tasks!

For example, simulating apps in the form of a game train skills, without which you can not survive at the school desk!

Quick Brain

Quick Brain is a math simulator aimed at practicing counting. Its main purpose is to quickly solve mathematical problems by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing! With each correct answer, the complexity of the tasks increases, which makes you concentrate and stimulates the speed of the solution.

The modes included: answer selection, truth/false, manual answer input. It is possible to work out the multiplication table separately – it is useful for pupils of younger classes. The application has a built-in mathematical puzzle “2048”. The well-thought-out interface allows you to train literally on the move: in transport or during a break.



Those who learn foreign languages cannot stand without DuoLingo. The interactive simulator develops reading, speaking, writing and listening comprehension. The main feature is the game form and the ability to pass testing on the move.

English, German, French and Spanish lessons are available for users. An unlimited number of courses are available at the same time. First of all, the application determines the current level of training, after which an individual program is built. DuoLingo is focused on conversation vocabulary and is based on short assignments and questions. For greater motivation, you can assign the desired amount of training time per day.

MyScript Calculator

The traditional way of entering examples into a calculator is not very clear, it requires additional skills. MyScript Calculator works with the most demonstrative – handwritten input. The working screen imitates paper, no keys with mathematical operations. Besides basic mathematical operations, MyScript Calculator supports fractions, degrees, modules, trigonometry. Unfortunately, the application does not solve the equality step by step, but shows you the ready answer at once.


GeoLoc is an advanced tracker application. In addition to the basic ability to track the location of devices within a family, the following functions are available: battery level control, SOS button, family chat, the ability to route to any smartphone within a group.

For convenience, you can assign safe areas such as: school, home, football stadium, etc. The service will notify parents in case a child enters or leaves the designated area. In this case, the application supports the right to personal space, if necessary, a parent can temporarily disable the tracking of his smartphone.

Polaris Office

Polaris Office is a versatile mobile office suite that supports Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Google Docs and Adobe PDF documents. Textbooks, manuals, quizzes – the program can handle everything! At the same time, the application is lightweight – it takes about 50 Mb, so it works quickly on almost any device.


The tablet is an assistant not only at school, special services will help to complete all tasks at home. One of them is Brainly. It is a kind of social network, its main task is to help each other to perform school tasks in any subject. In the service base, there are more than six million solved exercises, and you can always ask your question. Brainly is an indispensable assistant that makes it easy to do your homework.