Microsoft Never Stops

Did you know, there are roughly 400 million Windows 10 users on the planet today. If you think that’s a lot, then get this, there are approximately 1 billion PCs & laptops running the Windows operating system worldwide. For college, home, gaming, and work. What don’t you use your Windows device for? It’s easy to use interface, aesthetic display, and its ability to run almost every commercially available software makes it no surprise that this is the winning system that computers come pre-loaded with. The patriarchal innovator, be it with their systems, gaming consoles, or gadgets, gave us numerous technological breakthroughs to marvel at over the years. In 2017 alone, Microsoft spent a huge 13 billion on their product research & development with one goal in mind- ‘what’s next?’. It’s just the same for all the exams & certifications they offer, constantly updating them,so the successful graduate that holds such a badge will be ready to tackle any new challenges that might arise in the dynamic field known as IT. And making a full transformation to cloud incorporation seems to be the IT sector’s ongoing agenda. So one basic MS test you can take to prepare for this onset and keep pace with the new job roles that will definitely be created is assessment AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. Thus, this article will give you a creative outline of this exam’s well as the reliable study materials you can Exam-Labs Practice Tests Exam .

Microsoft AZ-900 Exam So You Keep Up

The first thing to know is that upon completion of the Microsoft AZ-900 test you will receive the credential of Microsoft Certified:Azure Fundamentals that will prove your ability to work with Microsoft Azure. AZ-900 exams accessible to those from technical backgrounds and as far as IT experience goes; none is required but would be useful as you move through the course. Some general knowledge regarding IT would help out as well.

When it comes to the details of this assessment, it will cost you $99 and within 60 minutes you are going to complete 40-60 tasks, which varies from exam to exam. The skills gauged in the main test revolve around MS’s cloud computing service ‘Microsoft Azure’ and help you see how MS’s data-centers build, test, and manage different apps & services through this very facility.

Acing this exam would be a good way to smoothen the jump into other cloud-related Microsoft assessments, thus below we will have a look at useful resources you can turn to as you prepare for Examsnap AZ-900 exam .

Help Me Please!

Here we have shortlisted the best sources ever to guarantee your exam prep process is effective. They are:

  • ‘Hands-On Cloud Administration in Azure’ by Mustafa Toroman, a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) & the holder of 30 different MS credentials,is written in order to get you practically experienced at dealing with all the basic, intermediate & advanced facets of the fastest growing cloud service in the Azure market. It covers Azure’s Virtual Machines, VNet, SQL databases and much more. The book is targeted both at novices and experts like DevOps engineers and Cloud engineers.
  • ‘Fundamentals of Azure Microsoft Azure Essentials’ is a Microsoft Press book by Michael Collier & Robin Shahan written for complete newbies to the Azure ecosystem and the authors do a great job of going over all the possible capabilities of this vast service. Each chapter introduces new technology & shows how to implement that with Microsoft Azure with screenshots & detailed explanation. The book touches on all common but crucial aspects of the platform like creating Web Apps & setting up Virtual Networks. Even though coverage of most recent features is missing as the book was published a while ago, it is nevertheless a useful starting point.
  • ‘Learning Path: Azure Fundamentals’ is a free 12-module online course by Microsoft. Each sub-section in the module is only a few minutes read but it tends to have a snowball effect; because of how well organized & easy-to-read it is, and because of its intuitive interface complete with informative images, readers learn very fast. It covers the entire syllabus and is open to absolutely anyone who would like to study it; no pre-requisites!

Even though these study resources are 100% helpful, still, there’s one more that deserves our close attention and should be covered in details. If you are curious to know, read the following paragraph. And don’t miss the subtitle!

Exam Dumps Play Vital Role Too

But are these enough? How do you know where your competency of the AZ-900 assessment currently stands? Well, the can solve that. This online platform gives candidates access to a huge selection of free & up-to-date Microsoft AZ-900 exam dumps. Learners can take infinite numbers of these dumps to improve their performance over time & hence sealing in an exponentially better score on the test day. What really makes them a goldmine is that these filesare trained in the real testing environment. In addition to free exam dumps, at only $49.99 you can purchase the AZ-900 Premium Bundle from Exam-Labs that includes 186 updated test questions with IT expert-verified answers, a training course with 21 lectures,& finally a study guide helpful for planning your prep routine.Both free and paid practice tests are in the vce format, so you’ll need to make use of the VCE Exam Simulator designed by Avanset to access them. To add more, this tool mimics the real exam environment. Many have experienced victory with these dumps from Exam-Labs, so if you use them, you’ll be next in line to taste the rewarding flavor of hard work that pays off.

Time Is Ticking…

Our ever-advancing future needs you. Resources are on your side. But time isn’t. You need to hurry because on 28 May 2020, the whole learning content for this assessment will undergo a radical makeover. Please, keep in mind that NO MORE delaying. Start your prep for the Microsoft AZ-900 assessment now, obtain the desired Microsoft badge in Azure Fundamentals and upgrade your skills to a completely different level. But to make all these come true, use free and reliable practice tests from Exam-Labs and you are going to be the winner TODAY.