Thinking about starting a law firm?  Whether you are a lawyer for investment fraud claim or a personal injury attorney, you will definitely need a logo.

A good logo is among the core elements of your law firm’s visual branding. It matches a business with its products or services to potential customers. When you create a logo, it becomes the face of your law firm where people can easily pinpoint or recognize your brand.

It also generates a first impression among prospective clients and other stakeholders. If your logo is unappealing and not well-designed, customers who see it before speaking to you might not take your law firm too seriously. Also, a logo dictates a lot of other marketing decisions like colors and fonts to use in other areas.

If this sounds all too complicated, here are some tips to guide you when designing a law firm logo:

Select Your Ideal Logo Colors

There’s enough scientific proof to show that human beings associate individual colors with different meanings. Similarly each color evokes distinct feelings, moods, and emotions from a person.

The first step is to understand your business and its potential clients. What message are you trying to communicate about your business? Is it the premium or gold-level services? Or dependability and integration of traditional values?

Find the colors that best represent these principles and use them on your logo. Use a maximum of three colors that complement each other. A trick to achieving these is choosing opposite colors on the color wheel.

Choosing the Right Icons and Images

Icons and images are not compulsory to include a logo. However, if you decide to use them, there’s a couple of things to consider when looking to design a successful logo.

Most law firm owners feel like it’s necessary to squeeze in the famous gavel and scales of justice icons in their logos. Such icons that have been overused by attorneys even outside our country might be associated with blandness and a lack of effort. This is not the message that you want to be sending about your services.

For an appealing logo, use innovative and unique icons that are also related to the industry. For instance, we all know that surgical errors cause injuries. As an attorney who has specialized in medical malpractice, it is more innovative and appealing to include elements of medical law as icons in the logo.

Choosing the Right Fonts

Just as the color, typography influences a customer’s mood and consequently, purchase decision. Use fonts that are formal, simple, and clean. The Serif font family is popular among law firms and even other business logos, but this does not mean that you have to use them.

Choose formal and serious fonts that speak volumes about your law firm. Choose wisely here because you might need the same fonts for other branding purposes.

Study Your Competitors

After you have identified the icons, fonts, and colors for your logo, the next step is to study your competitors. Look at their logos and some of the creative elements that they have integrated.

What is attractive about the logo? What would you change, and how would you do this? Note down these pointers and enhance your design accordingly.

A Simple Design

Simple logos with highly impactful elements are memorable to prospective clients. A simplistic design makes it easy for visitors to remember your business the next time they see your logo.

A complicated logo with many elements will only confuse a customer. They will lose their interest as fast as the first few seconds.

Another reason to create a simple logo is the ability to transfer them from one layout to another. For instance, a complex logo might not display properly on a phone’s screen or brochure, as compared to a website. Check out forbesnews9 for more more new coverage.