Nothing says “look at me” than a giant LED screen. You could be walking down the street or sitting at the back seat of a car scrolling through your phone, and it will grab your attention. This is what makes outdoor display screens such an effective marketing tool for any business.

LED outdoor screens are the hallmark of outdoor advertising. You’ll find them in malls, supermarkets, sports arenas, football stadiums, airports, restaurants and transport stations. They have better visibility than posters and signboards, and are versatile enough to work for a variety of industries.

The Benefits of an LED Outdoor Screen

The great thing about an LED outdoor screen is that it’s highly customizable and can be used to expertly express your brand message. You can create single and double sided displays depending on the design and the impact that you want to create. You can also choose between a standing or suspended pole unit or even a seamless wall unit.

Prior to the advent of LED screens, business owners had to use signboards and posters as a way to display their brand and communicate their message. But, these are static and can slow down your ability to interact with customers.

LED screens on the other hand, are way more dynamic and allow you to play around with the content, including visuals and copy. Plus, the interactive nature of LED outdoor screens offers a unique ability to attract people’s attention using a fraction of the energy required with something like a fluorescent or a classic neon light sign.

Designing for large LED Outdoor Screens

Here are some of the considerations that you need to make when designing for an LED screen:

  • Focus on your target customer

Don’t try to please or talk to everyone that’s walking by. Identify who your target customer is and design your content accordingly.

The easiest way to do this is by creating a “buyer persona” based on the needs, wants, preferences and demographic information of your particular target audience. This will help you to come up with relevant content to put into your LED screen advertisement, while embracing those customers who do want and/or need your product or service.

  • Typography is important

Don’t just use any font when designing your LED outdoor screen. Choose from easy to read options like sans-serif or dry-stick. These fonts will keep your audience’s attention on your message, long after the flashy images have passed.

  • Be mindful of your message

Attention-grabbing visuals are one thing. But, what can you do to retain people’s attention once their eyeballs are on the screen? Give them a compelling message, that’s what. In addition to optimal font usage, you need to use language that your target customer actually resonates with.

Keep in mind that the average person sees over 3, 000 different advertising messages in a day. That’s a lot of stimuli to overcome, which is why it’s important to make sure that your ad stands out.

Your goal is to create a memorable message that answers all of the customer’s questions. This includes the what, why, where and how of the product. Most important, make it clear, keep it short and be original.

  • Play with color

When designing your screen, consider the psychology of color and how it plays into the effectiveness of your message. Each hue along the color spectrum has its own meaning. For instance, the color red is often associated with passion and fire, while blue is the color of trust and green is the color of nature, energy and renewal.

The right color combination can increase your chances of being seen and help you communicate your message better.

  • Use attractive imagery

Use original images if you can, by doing your own photo shoot instead of using stock images. Keep in mind that videos and carousels are more effective than static images and the theme of said images should also be in line with what you’re trying to convey.

  • Play with visual hierarchy

Once you’ve got all of your different elements of design in place -copy, images, color- it’s time to put everything together in the right order. This means playing around with dimensions in a way that allows you to highlight certain aspects of the advert.

For instance, if you want to highlight the price of a product, then you should enhance it with large numbers. Alternatively, focus on the photograph of the item if your goal is to promote a new version or design of something.

To Sum Up…

An LED outdoor screen is one of the best visual communication tools in the world of advertising. It can be used to market to customers whether they are drivers or pedestrians. With the right design, these screens can go a long way to help you establish brand presence and promote your products and/or services.