Nowadays, the market trend has changed as technology has evolved. Gone are the days when people had to venture physically to a store and make a purchase. If you look at the technological side you will find e-commerce is an online form of marketing where shoppers can get their things delivered to their doorsteps.

While traditional business is the process where goods are bought by direct money. This type requires a face to face interaction to confirm the deal, and the price can be negotiated as well. However, in e-commerce, you can bid for the price too, but that’s not rife like traditional commerce. So, here check out the differences between these two shopping methods.


With the mode of e-commerce, things can be purchased without any hassle and money can be saved as you are paying through, e-wallet, net banking, debit or credit cards. You can make a purchase any time you want and it will be delivered to you at your doorstep. This type of purchasing gives better benefits to shoppers. You can buy and book things using your mobile, tablet or computer, you just require an internet connection to shop. One of the well-known e-commerce stores you can make a purchase from this, aguideproduct website.

Traditional commerce

This is the oldest form of marketing, where a person has to visit a store or merchant to buy things and carry that to their home or warehouse. This system is still going on, and you have to exchange money directly. However, the traditional business has lost its fame a bit when e-commerce has emerged and has a strong impact on buyers in the 20Th century. Here you have to deal face to face with the seller.

The key comparisons between, e-commerce and traditional business

  • E-commerce is entirely a digital platform of shopping, where the communication part is done by electronic devices. Where traditional business requires face to face deals, and money is exchanged for goods directly.
  • Through e-commerce, sellers can reach customers globally, but with traditional methods, this part is tough, because they either have to open a franchise means another physical store in different areas.
  • An e-commerce business can be done by email and digital advertisements, in the case of traditional the ads are done by hoardings, banners, and distribution of pamphlets. These are physical modes of exchange.
  • Several businesses can be done with this mode, but with the traditional, it’s not that easy to go for other businesses because it takes more manpower and investment.
  • With e-commerce inspecting the product physically isn’t possible, because you get to see the product on the screen, and get to read the specifications. In the case of traditional business, you get to see and touch the item, weigh it out all by yourself and then make the purchasing decision.
  • E-commerce requires the engagement of electronic devices, but with traditional, it only works with face to face communication.
  • E-commerce has the system of one to one shopping, whereas tradition has only one way of marketing.
  • You can pay in various ways with e-commerce, like credit, debit cards, net banking, e-wallet, apps, and so on. Whereas with traditional you will have to pay with cash only.
  • You can purchase goods at any time of the day, and it will be delivered to you the next day, but with the traditional business, you will only get the chance to purchase when the store opens and you can shop there until the store closes down for the day which is generally at the night time.
  • The delivery of goods with e-commerce can be the next day or on the same day which depends on the availability and the location of the warehouse from the customer’s home. Where in the traditional purchase you get to take the good instantly with you.
  • With E-commerce, you will get various discounts and offers and you will be notified about those deals via email or text so that you can make the purchasing decision. While with traditional you will get fewer discounts, and approaching a new seller will take time.
  • You will get better customer support with e-commerce by direct call, chat or email, but with the other, you won’t get such a thing.
  • You can return and get a refund of your items bought if you do not like it or the product is damaged and it takes at least 7 to 15 days for the processing. Whereas in the traditional purchase you will not get this facility unless the product is damaged.
  • You will get ranges of products with e-commerce, and different brands too. With traditional, you might not get that much variety as the shop space is limited.

Bottom line

E-commerce has taken over the industry as people are getting more comfortable from ordering things online and getting them delivered to their doorstep. However, traditional business still hasn’t lost their charm, and a lot of people prefer this type of shopping as not all people are accustomed to using electronic devices.