The Goldenslot online game is a casino game that is designed by the Next-Gen Game. Similar to the name of the game, the Golden Slot casino game can be seen as inspired by gold. However, the game is a slot game that has a farm theme. The golden rooster in the game goes with the description of the game, whereas other symbols of the game are connected to the chickens and hens that are living in the game.

The setup of the Golden Slot game comes up with five reels and 243 different ways of winning. Fo the multipliers the Golden Slot game provides a wild symbol; different scatters and free spins. Hence, players get a complete set of standard features available at their reach. Moreover, the rewards of the game, especially the free spins rewards, have a value of around 100,000 dollars.

How to Play

Golden Slot is played at five reels with 243 different ways to win. A player can set his wager in the settings menu or at the shortcut area at the bottom of the game.

The game has a bet value that varies from 0.25 dollars to 250 dollars per spin. Moreover, the coin size in the game varies from 0.01 dollars to 10 dollars.

The base game of Golden Slot is benefited by both the regular wilds and scatters of the game. However, during the time of the free spins, both the wilds and scatters are transformed into a single symbol that has a double role to play in the game.

In the standard version of the game, a player gets the features such as autoplay and Max Bet. The autoplay of the game can be used for a maximum of 50 continuous spins. On the other hand, the Max Bet feature can be set by a simple click on the coins found at the bottom left corner of the screen. If you like slots like this one, you should definitely check Gclub Slot casino to test their variety of thrilling slots games.

Betting Rewards

Talking about the rewards of the game, a player who can get 25 coins to use for every single spin he pays for. However, the player can only select the value of the currency and not the total number of coins. The coin value can be set between 0.01 dollar to $ 10 dollars.

I few talks about the winnings of the game, the regular combinations of the game will pay a player up to 2,000 coins or 20,000 dollars. On the other hand, the free spins in the Golden Slot have a fantastic 5x multiplier that can be applied to any of the five symbols in the game. This means a player can get as much as 100,000 dollars from that same combination.


In recent times, Golden Slot has become one. Of the famous casino games in Asia. From its beginning in 2017, Golden Slot has witnessed constant growth and increasing popularity. In this article, we have tried to draw a basic sketch of the Golden Slot casino game. We hope, from this article you will get a basic idea about different aspects of the game, such as the basic means to play it and the rewards it offers.

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