When we plan to bring in any new product in the market it is not just a physical thing, but it is carrying a huge responsibility of your brand. Which acts as an asset and successful can develop a healthy, positive, and forever impression in the space of the mind of your target consumer.

Brands provide external ideas towards its design, taste, quality, performance, value, quality and prestige if they are developed and managed effectively. Branding has the potential to communicate positive or negative messages about a product, hence making sure to correct advertising, promotion and product reputation.

When we name brands like Nike, Apple, Google why people of all ages get excited, that’s because It is not only that these brands have built a reliable brand name for themselves. They have also learned how to display their products in unique ways. Product and packaging design agency plays a massive impact on the experience a customer has with your product.

To establish a great product, there should be a systematic strategy between branding and packaging of the product. Product and branding should be aligned together in harmony, or else it could lose its credibility or confuse the market.

Strategically product should be developed, designed, launched and sold with proper plan and to understand how to do it correctly check out below points which can lead you to a successful product.

1. Be secure with your brand story

Your business is faceless and to make it look and feel like a human who will interact with the audience, it has to have its unique brand values, culture, mission, vision, attributes and personality.

Always make sure you ask a few fundamental questions to yourself to counter check.

1. Are you passionate about what you are doing? Why?

2. Does your brand have a Value proposition?

3. Is your product solving some real pain points of customers?

4. What is your target audience?

5. What is the personality of your brand?

The brand story brings life to your company, and then people start following you, admiring you and your journey, which will then automatically increase your product demand in the market.

2. Always focus on your Niche

There is a famous quote” jack of all trades master of none”, same applies here there are several products these days now it is essential to differentiate yourself. When planning to distinct your brand, make sure you align your product in one particular category instead of trying to be present in all sections, it can be values, features or cost-wise.

It will increase Brand awareness along with the customer’s ability to recognise and recall the brand under different conditions, using memory linked to the brand name, brand logo, jingles, and many more.

Both brand recognition and brand recalls are important when you launch any product. It helps the customers identify to which service or product category the particular brand associated and in which Brand name what products and services are sold.

3.Packaging Design

The role of packaging and its design is significant as in a supermarket a shopper passes about 600 products in a time of per minute span. To attract the consumers to notice the product is through floor displays, end caps, shelf hangers, tear-off coupon blocks, other point-of-purchase devices, and, last but not least, effective packages designs.

Along with creative images, font, the brand message then important information such as weight, MRP, uses, origin, storage, instructions, warnings, FSSAI, nutritional, ingredients, product name are some of the essentials.

The packaging design should be able to stir up emotions of excitement, joy, delight or amazement. Once you’ve created packaging that instantly connects with your customers, your brand awareness and recognition will benefit.

4.Consistent brand personality

If it’s your branding activities or packaging design of your product, one thing which needs to be same on each medium is your brand personality as it refers to as personification of a brand.

Brand personality is a vital dimension of brand equity because, like human personality, it is both differentiating and enduring.

Brand personality directs the voice, tone and style through which the brand communicates, and without it, the brand will be dull and boring.

If personality is not kept consistent off and online, then customers will develop a brand crisis

which is then frustrating.

Examples: Rugged, Soft and calm, matured, affordable, Urban and modern

5. Do not overdo anything

In trying to make a product the most eye-catching or unique, some companies over-complicate the design. Sometimes, these products luck out and sell well, but they do little to build or reinforce the company’s brand.

Make sure your branding and packaging communication is apparent and straight. It should not be too much doing as now less is more concept in trend; people can quickly identify the designs which are minimalistic yet classy.

To design such concepts are most creative and effort oriented task, so make sure the branding and packaging agency outsources to get it done correctly.


Brand logo, colour, positioning are a few essential elements which should also be considered while planning a successful product. The motive when developing a brand is to create brand value.

You do that by emulating the characteristics, features and brand values that your customers desire and wish to gain. Branding is present throughout everything your company touches—it is not just a logo. Every design is shown, and communications made to the consumer are examples of branding.

Packaging and branding matter most to build competitive advantage and develop your unique identity hence we highly recommend working with an experienced branding.

DesignerPeople is a packaging design and branding agency in india that understands both the emotional as well as feasible aspects of your products as both has to be balanced effectively to establish Brand.