In 2020, an individual spends 2hr 24m on social media on average, says techjury. To conclude, users spend about 50% of the average time spent on their mobile phones per day using social media. This means any business or company can effectively build or promote their brand or product on popular social media platforms.

With the far-reaching popularity of social media marketing, the variation in marketing tools and techniques are also increasing. One such marketing strategy involves using videos on social media platforms. But before you spend any money on hiring the best explainer video production company, you might ask: How far are videos useful in terms of social media marketing?

Here we will discuss the impact of videos on viewers, their response, and finally, the value that your company can gain from video marketing. Let’s get started.

Six Ways that videos prove to be an excellent tool for social media marketing


When it comes to promoting something, the most crucial aspect is to reach out to people. Social media engages large groups of people scattered around the world, interested in different things. To get your target audience’s attention, you have to provide them with something they can enjoy.

Video contents are by far the most popular form of content on social media. More than 60% of social media users watch branded videos on various platforms. This justifies their effectiveness in entertaining the audience and drawing their attention to the relative brands and products.

Videos have a good reach and are less time-consuming. It is hard to find the time or energy to engage oneself in reading today. Videos, on the other hand, effortlessly match up to the fast-paced life of present times. HubSpot says 45% of people spend an hour or more watching videos on different social platforms every week.

Thus, engaging and catchy videos work amazingly well for social media marketing. However, you must remember that videos are not sought out on social media but discovered. Thus, the circulation of your video content has to be strategic and oriented to target audiences.


Source: goodtoseo

When you publish content on social media, whether it’s a blog, a graphic, or a video, all you expect from your audience is to remember your brand and get associated with your company and services.

Studies have shown that the information retention rate for audio-visuals is as high as 80%, while that of visual contents is 20%, and audios are as low as 10%. You will be better able to engage your audiences and prospects through videos than through any other medium.

It is also important to realize that videos are emotionally impactful. When you create a character, define a story and convey the same to the consumers, they associate themselves with a face. The product instantly becomes more relatable and comprehensive.

Videos not only help you connect to people but also allow you to create a humane image of your company or brand on social media. It brings people closer and builds connections.


It is needless to point out that social media marketing is effective, but also we need to analyze how people access social media platforms. Backlinko has said that among 3.81 billion social media users, upto 98.68% of them access these platforms through smartphones or mobile devices.

Therefore, the users are looking at a device that is not as reader-friendly as a laptop or a desktop. It strains a user to read long blogs and articles on mobile devices. On the other hand, videos are easy to watch on small devices. The users can access the videos anytime, anywhere.

Thus, it works in favor of video content as long as customer satisfaction is concerned.


When it comes to conversion or lead generation, gaining the trust of your consumer is primary. Plenty of consumers are skeptical about buying products online, considering fraud and lack of reliability. If you can achieve your customers’ trust and build long-term relationships, it will impact the conversion rate.

Videos, even when they are promotional, are informative. Explainer videos tell people what they need to know about your company. When they feel that they know you, they automatically start trusting you.

Videos ignite the emotional centers of the brain. They feel that they are familiar with the brand and can rely on their products or services. Instead of convincing them to purchase your product, explainer videos tell the audience why they should associate with your brand.

This foundation of trust and reliability directly impacts their purchasing decision.


Source: goodtoseo

Brand awareness is a real thing. Your consumers should know what your company is all about. However, they do not have the mindset to spend hours reading about your brand. On the other hand, studies show that upto 98% of users have watched videos to find out more about how a product or service is relevant to them.

Marketers themselves have also supported this theory. 93% of them have admitted that using videos in educating the buyers has proven to be effective and efficient. The most comfortable form of explanation is explainer videos. By keeping them short and crisp, the audience will engage themselves more in learning about you.

Apart from explainer videos, there are tutorials, training videos, how-to videos, etc. that have received quite a lot of popularity in recent years. There has also been a 47% rise in the amount of time people spend watching interactive videos.


Let’s face the fact, popularity is good, and so is brand awareness, but ultimately, what makes us happy is a good ROI, conversion rates, and lead generation. A marketing campaign or strategy is considered entirely successful only when they yield relevant results.

Audio-visual contents have proven to be very useful in this context. Here is how:

  • 64% of consumers have admitted that their purchasing decision has been influenced by marketing videos they have watched on Facebook
  • 73% of users tend to buy products they have watched a video about
  • 74% of marketers believe that videos tend to generate more leads than blog posts.

Hence it would be safe to say that videos are an efficient form of social media marketing. However, to get the results, you have to ensure the consistent production of engaging and exciting videos so that the audiences watch it till the end and respond to your call to action.

Source: goodtoseo

Make your move,

Now that you have all the stats and facts about the efficiency of video content for social media marketing, you can make a sound decision as to how to execute this technique. But, there are a few standard guidelines that you should remember.

  • Your video should be engaging and relevant to the target audience
  • Test your audience through A/B testing to understand them better
  • Choose video length and format based on the social media platform that you will be posting on
  • Think out of the box, do not be afraid to experiment
  • Be consistent on social media

You can also hire video production companies to get the job done. With their expertise and experience, your marketing strategies will deliver the output that you desire.