In the ’90s a change took place, that quite literally changed every aspect of life. That change was the internet, and it revolutionized how we do business.

Now, in the 21st century, there’s been another significant change – and that is the introduction of smart mobile devices. Everybody is carrying around miniature computers in the pockets, and they’re glued to them when they’re walking down the street. This alteration in behaviour has changed everything.

The good news is, this change is still relatively modern. That means that you, as a business owner or professional, can capitalize off it and stay up to date with the latest business-mobile trends.

Here’s precisely how mobile is changing business, and how you can benefit from it.

What was the business industry like before mobile devices?

In short, businesses were a little bit stuck in certain situations. For instance, if an employee was on vacation, there was no way to reach out to them for help. This understandably was a cause for concern.

Also, the main form of advertising, before smartphones became commonplace, was definitely TV, radio and billboards. Mobile phones have increased the possibility of advertising.

It’s safe to say, mobile devices have definitely created more possibilities for businesses.



1. You can be constantly connected

It doesn’t really matter where you are, or who you’re trying to contact – you can do it. Mobile technology has truly made the world smaller, which is fantastic for business.

You will always be connected to your employees, partners, and other essential contacts. For instance, if you have a work problem that only one specific person can fix – you can contact them within minutes.

This is also wonderful for networking. Before mobiles, meeting relevant and useful people was next to impossible. Now, it’s possible and easy.

Mobile devices have also made it possible to connect with your customers. You can reply to their queries, issues, and complements within minutes. This helps you stay connected to your customers, and create a meaningful relationship with them.


2. There are more apps

Now, there’s an app for just about everything. This is incredible for business, as there are so many apps that are designed to help businesses.

Whether it’s for a project assignment, employee schedules, or productivity help. There’s something you can download, or even create.

We have apps for emails, instant messaging, budgeting and project management. They’re easy to use, and they can ultimately advance how you run your business or work schedule.


3. Marketing

This is one of the major ones that many businesses really try to focus on. Consider this; nearly everybody in the Western world is carrying around a phone, every single day. They wake up and check their phone, and look at their phone and stare at it just before going to sleep. There’s a huge market there.

Businesses are spending more and more time and money into mobile marketing. This is anything from social media, or mobile-friendly adverts and websites.

For your business, you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly, and that your social media presence is exceptional. At Creato, a Sydney based web design agency, we always focus on ensuring your website looks professional on mobile devices.


Sure, a mobile device might be a little bit distracting at times. Nevertheless, if you stop scrolling through cat videos and use it to positively affect your business and productivity, you’re on to amazing things.

Mobile devices might not have the best reputation, but they do open doors and give you the ability to connect with people that you otherwise couldn’t have.

The takeaway: if you haven’t already, implement smartphone strategy into your business plan. Start to see them as a device full of possibilities rather than distractions.

How have smartphones changed your business?