When it comes to Digital Marketing, Facebook still remains the #1 platform for social media marketing. It consists of over a billion active users.

Hence, it is important to design such stunning Facebook ad images that it can attract a portion of those active users. We are here to assist you by providing you tips on how to design Facebook ad images like a pro.

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Organizing content

With regards to effective Facebook promotions, the offer is the most significant aspect of your advertisement.

You will not get any messages or leads if your main message is not clear, even if your ad image looks catchy. Even though the graphics and making the visuals stunning just as important, but it should not hog the entire space.

You have to ensure that it fits in with the remainder of your advertisement as well. The landing page that you will be referring to should also match the Facebook ad and vice versa. This consistency between the message, the visuals and the landing page is known as ad scent.

Making use of tools

It can be extremely troublesome and time consuming to build an image for your Facebook ad campaign all by yourself. Lucky for you, there are several tools available on the web now which can help you design stunning and visually captivating posters.

Some of our best pics after a lot of experimentation and reviews include Canva, PicMonkey, and Desygner. These tools can have many free templates and some paid templates at super affordable prices.

Colour psychology in visual content

Most of the time, people are just randomly scrolling through Instagram and skipping advertisements.

If you want to grab someone’s attention, you have to ensure that your ad looks really attractive and catchy. As per psychology, one of the best ways to digitally attract attention is to play with colours.

Your colours should be very different from the usual colours in one’s news feed to stand out from the rest. Choose a colour palette that fits your message and stick to it. Try to use contrasting images to catch more attention. You can also use tools such as Coolors if you don’t have a colour palette and want professional-looking tones.

Do not settle on image quality

No one gets attracted by low quality, cheesy or pixelated images. If only, it works as an audience repellent. Hence, it is important to choose high resolution and definition pictures with uncompromised picture quality. Another thing to be taken care of is image licences.

This implies that you cannot download pictures directly from Google if you do not want to get in trouble for copyright infringement. In simple words, do not download and use pictures that you are not given permission to use. There are various sites that give you the chance to download pictures that can be used for business purposes without any risk of being accused of stealing.

In such tools, the licences are mentioned in a crystal-clear manner. Some of the most popular and recommended tools include unsplash.com, pexel.com, and pixabay.com.

Less is more

It is not at all needed to insert long texts in your Facebook ad image for delivering your message. It is important to say less, but say right as less is more. It is suggested that one should only insert a limited amount of texts and only the main context, with a strong call to action.

If you think that your campaign image needs a lot of text for an explanation, either make use of the caption or set it aside for the ad copy. Keep the image clean and simple. If you have a lot of text, there is a possibility that Facebook might limit your scope. It has been proven that short ads yield better results than longer ones.

And let’s be honest, no one wants to read long messages in their chill time. It gets harder to read long texts. It is absolutely possible to convey the message using photographs and images. One should also take care of typography when adding text to the image.

The more important part of the text should be in a different or in bold and more prominent typography. The unimportant extra part can be in lighter hues with a smaller front. The additional text can include the benefits of the highlight.

Trial and error

Testing your campaign and image is one of the most important steps of the Facebook ad campaign as to how else will we know whether our image is able to attract the right audience or not? There are a wide variety of Facebook ad campaign options for different target audience and goals. You need to be clear about your goals.

It is suggested that one should not invest in a long-term ad campaign before evaluating which campaign and image works the best. Test that which campaign and which image is bringing you maximum leads, or conversions before opting for a long-term plan.


We hope that our simple tips help you design amazing Facebook ad images. Designing ad campaigns can be really fun if you do it right.

Now that you are ready with your ad, you can finally work on promotions such as to buy Facebook followers, sharing amongst friends, tracking leads, etc. and finally, wait for your hard work to pay off!