billiard table in center of brown painted room

For some it’s a dream, for others it’s a necessity they couldn’t live without. That’s right, we’re talking about filling out a room with all your favourite hobbies and pastimes, a games room that captures the very essence of your personality and style, showcasing everything you enjoy and love to share with friends.

There are so many great ideas for ways you can convert an unused space into a novel and unique games room, it’s impossible to go through all the best and most creative concepts. However, these are a few ideas that might get you thinking, ahead planning to incorporate that special space into your own home.

The Amusement Arcade

Before many of us had home entertainment systems or multi-screen personal computers, the local amusement arcade was often the most popular haunt in town when we were youngsters. For those of us of a certain age, recapturing that special atmosphere becomes a great idea for theming our very own games room.

It’s actually not too hard to get hold of classic arcade games and pinball machines. Some original vintage video game cabinets can often be found online at auction sites, if you know where to look. Likewise, given that “retro” never truly goes out of fashion, there are companies who are dedicated to making reproduction gaming units.

To get the authentic touch, you’ll need to ensure get that “insert coin to continue” vibe, with pots of loose change for your guests to use with each game. Likewise, bright colours and lighting to set the tone, with a good audio system pumping out those 80’s hits you remember so well from decades ago.

The Gambling Den

If you’ve ever been to any of the swanky casinos in Las Vegas or Macau, some of the décor and surroundings can be absolutely jaw-dropping. These huge and impressive venues have spared no expense to make their gaming spaces unique and dazzling in every way, although it should hardly be surprising that some people aim to recapture a taste of that ambiance in their own homes.

In reality, the furnishings for a gambling themed games room doesn’t have to be all that expensive. In fact, if having bespoke gaming tables and furniture is likely to be costly, there’s always the opportunity to buy used and second-hand furniture at auctions or online, especially for the popular table games. If you’re buying a poker table, you’ll need to do your research to make sure you don’t overpay or end up with one which is low quality and will leave your mates unimpressed.

person holding playing cards beside poker chips

The Sports Fan

Whatever your sport of choice, nothing quite declares your love for a team than dedicating an entire gaming room in their honour. While many of us would make the TV the centrepiece to such a room, where we can watch all the action unfolding live on game days, with a little creativity it can be an amazing space.

Just imagine all the walls filled with sports jerseys, whether it’s an eclectic mixture of various different teams, or perhaps just focused on your own favourite teams, featuring a classic collection of shirts from every year you can get. Even better if they’re signed by players, as that’s a guaranteed starting point for conversations.

Some fans might prefer to keep things simple; others might choose to go the whole hog and make every corner of their games room fit their sporting fandom. Imagine plastic stadium seating or wooden bleachers instead of a sofa, even flooring themed around the playing surface of your chosen sport. This can be a truly remarkable zone for sports fans to enjoy.

The Memorabilia Collector

Whether it’s movies, music, sports, or anything else with memorabilia attached, there’s nothing quite like a space where you can show off your extensive collection to friends. As one of the most popular movie franchises of both the late 20th and early 21st centuries, Star Wars has generated a remarkable group of afficionados and collectors.

There are some great ideas for games rooms themed around Star Wars, especially if you’re prepared to get a little creative. Just think of those framed movie posters with light sabres providing the lighting. Rows of shelves with all your cherished figures and spaceships on display, perhaps even life-sized mannequins of your favourite characters. Darth Vader stood in one corner is bound to catch the eye.

Some people have even turned their Star Wars games room into replicas of a movie set, recapturing the essence of great scenes from the series. Imagine a room themed around the interior of the Millennium Falcon or even more impressive, the mighty Death Star itself, packed with matching artwork and colour schemes that really get the atmosphere.

Get Creative

Whatever your tastes or the themes you have in mind, this is your space. Make it about your personality and the things you enjoy, and while it’s easy to plough lots of money into a games room project, it doesn’t have to be expensive if you think outside the box a little. You’ll probably find that with a little creativity and thought, you can do most of the decorative things yourself, along with the accessories.

In the end, it’s that personal touch that really speaks volumes about your games room, making it a space for “me time” that’s just for you, or alternatively, a great place to entertain your friends and family for years to come. Don’t be surprised to find yourself constantly tweaking and adapting your games room, because that’s part of the fun having one in the first place.