Any good photographer will want to watermark an image when it comes to the internet. They like to display their pictures and fresh images on the internet. The internet is filled with photography sites where one can showcase their images and photos hence receive some feedback and discuss the main theme of the picture. This said, however, images that stand out are prone to theft from internet content thieves. These are the kind of people who search for images that stand out, steal them and place them on their own blogs and sites and fail to give any referral link. Protecting your images from such theft is no easy task. The most ideal method to guard your images against such risks is to watermark your images.

Methods of watermarking an image.

There are a couple of watermarks that are common in the images we find on the internet. One of the most popular is a website link or an author name which can be found at the bottom right corner of the picture. This shows who rightfully owns the image or picture and where to specifically go and ask for special permission to use the image. However, this kind of watermark can be easily done by online thieves. They can go over this by simply using editing programs such as Photoshop which will enable them to paint over the watermark or by simply copying the picture area that has no watermark.

Another method of watermarking your image is by covering it entirely with some special graphical pattern or words (author name/link). This can be done using online and offline image editors. This watermarking method offers a great deal of protection to the image. However, it makes the image less appealing to the eyes of the viewer by making it hard to identify some essential elements inside. For one to steal such an image and make them their own, they will be required to hold a strong graphical editing knowledge and take a lot of time in the graphical package.

Watermarking an image is not a complicated process as many people imagine. If you have the right software like Visual Watermark, it can be done within minutes.

You begin with creating a watermark. You can use copyright. This means you will be placing a copyright symbol in the watermark and this guarantees you that nobody else will be able to copy the image without your consent.

You can also use Image. This is done by creating an image that you superimpose over the picture. For instance, if you do have a logo, you can use it as an image watermark.

You can also use Text string as the watermark. An example of this is by placing your name or business name, or an image description as the watermark.

Here are the methods of placing a watermark on an image and keeping the design intact;

-Select the images you want to place a watermark on.

The only images you should consider placing a watermark on are those that will appear in a public location over the internet where other individuals can download them with ease. Furthermore, you only need to watermark the images that you do not want any other person to use without your consent. This shows that you do not need to watermark every image or photo you have ever shot. You should save yourself some time by selecting certain images for watermarking.

-Ensure that you make copies.

The thing is, you do not want to place a watermark on the original and only copy of your photos. Ensure that you make copies of the images you want to watermark and then place the watermark on the copies you have made. This will help you protect the original photos you have.

-Choose the method.

You need to carefully choose the watermarking app or software you want to use, then make a decision on the way you want to watermark them. You can decide on working on all your images as a batch or individually. If you decide to place a watermark on each photo individually, ensure that each watermark is placed in the location on the photo you want and appears the way you wanted it to. You will note that this process may be time-consuming than when you decide to watermark your image in batches.

-The next thing is selecting the type and size of the watermark.

You have to decide the type of watermark you want to use on your image. Furthermore, you will be required to choose the size of the watermark too. You realize that a large watermark will cover a massive part of the photo which will make it almost impossible for one to easily crop it out of the image. Large watermarks will ensure that your image is impossible to edit and use without showing details of the watermark. This makes your image safe from online theft.

-The next step is to apply the watermark.

Using watermarking apps like Make Watermark, you will be able to effectively add a watermark to your image and still keep its design intact. In this app, you will have a number of amazing options to customize your watermark the way you like. For Make Watermark, you will be able to add your watermark effectively, or an artistic border or an annotation using this app. Doing this will require one to be keen in order to do a perfect job.

-Finally, you can upload the photos.

This step will require you to be keen and ensure that you are uploading the correct copy of your image that has the watermark. Ensure that you create a folder that has the photos that have a watermark. This will help you avoid a lot of confusion.