Increase productivity, facilitate collaboration and streamline project management by simplifying your agency’s design process with UXPIN’s online design tool.

How quickly can your agency scope, present, and deliver a design prototype? Speed matters in a fast-moving world, and collapsing the time from idea to proof of concept is critical to creating innovative, breakthrough ideas that can become tomorrow’s game-changers. UXPin is a product design platform that allows your team to easily design and collaborate on wireframes, prototypes, and mockups to validate any idea or concept quickly. UXPin’s online tool is a game-changer that can revolutionize the way your agency collaborates and delivers design projects and services.

Better design through faster prototyping

Simplifying the design process not only helps teams work faster, but it also allows them to test more frequently, and refine their prototypes to a greater degree. Design teams can focus on the why instead of the “how”, and develop design concepts and user experiences that are more relevant and resonate with the target audience.

“The designer does not begin with some preconceived idea rather the idea is the result of careful study and observation and the design is a product of that idea.”

Paul Rand

Collaborative design speeds the build, measure, learn loop

No matter what project you have in mind, iterative improvement is the foundation of great design. When your design team has the tools to stay coordinated and aligned, they can improve the code faster, make smarter design choices, and amaze end-users with experiences they’ve never seen before. UXPin merges top tools for design and engineering into one world of better, faster design development.

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More efficiency and improved productivity

Because prototypes allow teams to prove their design in a real-world environment, they can solve problems before they create costly mistakes. From an efficiency perspective, agencies can save money on costly designer and developer hours by rapidly testing and refining before concepts go into production, ensuring only that the most valuable and viable ideas are developed. This cuts costs and shifts hours over to the creative collaborative work that builds solid client relationships. A streamlined design process is key to a design-thinking human-centered approach.

Simplification of the design process allows teams to focus on creativity and client experience. UXPIN’s online prototyping tool considerably improves the design process and reduces the gap between design and development. Prototypes that previously took hours to code can be done in minutes, saving time, money, and creative brain: This frees up UX development resources and document costs, driving improved efficiency and organizational capacity.

Next-generation tools for next-level design

UXPin is a code-based design tool that merges design and engineering into one unified process. Thanks to conditional interactions, variables, state-based animations, and powerful expressions, your team can build prototypes that feel like the real thing. In other words, anything that’s on the web can be accurately prototyped in UXPin, from creative assets and ads, web pages, and landing pages, to apps and other digital media.

  • Validate design concepts in days
  • Align stakeholders around a clear vision
  • Easily share, comment and collaborate

New tools for a new world

To bring the right ideas to market faster, prototyping has never been more important, allowing agencies to test various scenarios, iterate quickly, and develop winning concepts for their clients. As the world becomes more distributed, enabling creative people to collaborate easily wherever they are on a single platform that bridges design and development.

“UXPin is a requirement for us. Nota­ble, Adobe XD, Omnigraffle – none of those tools work for us, You absolutely need UXPin’s pattern libraries and interactions to validate complex user scenarios quickly.”

Edward Nguyen, UX DesignerLiquidPlanner

Learn how UXPin helped UX Designer Edward Nguyen and his team deliver better products faster.

How do you enable your creative talent with the tools they need to dazzle clients and move their ideas forward quickly? The UXPin design tool can help your team collapse the time from concept to creation, with fully animated, real-as-life prototypes that can help them sell their ideas faster. This no-code tool allows designers and non-designers to work together and to validate concepts before production. This can allow your agency to offer a richer and more valuable client experience that is fully engaging and performance-oriented.

Evolving client expectations and a rapidly changing world call for more agile prototyping tools and a more streamlined design process. Take your agency’s design process to the next level with our purpose-built tool, designed to help fast-moving companies introduce cutting edge ideas via a design experience that eliminates friction and drives the momentum constantly forward. Ultimately, a faster and more effective design cycle results in happier clients, more success stories, and greater results.

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